How the Right Limo Booking Can Be Done

You are in the process of organizing an original wedding that may surprise your loved ones from the start to the end of the wedding! This is why you have chosen a theme that is out of the ordinary and a wedding decoration to match the event. For you, a successful reception requires attention to all the details of the day. Your D-Day vehicle should therefore not be an exception to the rule that you have imposed on yourself. Here too you will have to show originality. Above and beyond your wedding car decoration, you must above all select a model that is unique in itself.

Here are some tips to help you in your wedding car rental process.

Set a budget

Before embarking on your search for providers for Limo Service Toronto, establish the budget you want to allocate to the rental of your vehicle. This simple data will help you to orient your research and to sort out the different proposals that will be presented to you. Do not forget that in the context of luxury vehicles it is possible that the service provider will ask you to leave him a deposit which can be very substantial.

Choose the vehicle according to the style of the wedding

Have you planned a most refined reception? Already sent your chic wedding invitations? Then you will have to turn to a decidedly elegant model such as a Bentley from 1957, a beautiful old car. Is your wedding theme glamorous? Bet on the limo. Have you chosen a vintage wedding dress, a country reception? Think of the 2CV and the famous Volkswagen bus.

Contact a professional company

It is always safer to prefer a company specializing in the rental of vehicles to an individual. Indeed, an individual generally rents a single car and will therefore not be able to replace it in the event of a problem. Professional companies have replacement vehicles and drivers, insurance and other guarantees.

Call on your knowledge to orient yourself

If you have no contact in the automotive field or you do not know much about it, do not hesitate to get information from your relatives, couples who have recently married for example. If you can’t find anyone among your friends, think of the forum where you can ask your questions to all the newlyweds and future bride and groom in the community who will be very good advice!

Compare offers

Have you fallen in love with a car model? Don’t sign up right away, and feel free to continue your research to make sure you’re in front of the best deal possible and can’t find a better or equivalent at a better price.

Reread the contract carefully

Once you find the car of your dreams don’t rush into the contract to sign it. Take the time to read all the clauses, to check that there is insurance, that the company and the car chosen are in order, that the contract provides for the replacement of the vehicle and the driver within an hour in the event problem, that a driver is actually scheduled, that you are covered in the event of a breakdown, that there are no additional costs, etc.

Do it in advance

As with all of your preparations for D-Day, don’t wait until the last minute to hire your wedding car. The ideal is to do it 3 months in advance to be sure you have the time to research, compare and choose without pressure. It would be a shame to select a default model.


When it comes time to send your wedding invitations to invite your loved ones to this exceptional celebration that you have been preparing for months, do not forget to choose invitation cards that reflect the style of your reception.

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