How to clean jura e8 milk system

In most cases, the Jura E8 is a great machine. It makes delicious coffee and has an easy-to-use milk system. However, with all of these benefits come some drawbacks as well. One of those being that it’s not always easy to clean! In this blog post, I’ll explain to you how to clean your Jura E8 coffee machine.

How to clean jura e8 milk system

Here we will explain you can clean your Jura E8 fluid system! It’s not too tricky, but it does take some time and patience.

Here are the steps involved:

Clear every element in contact with milk or coffee (including the main body, both spouts, the wand holder, any filters/capsules).

Replace any disposable items like capsules or filters.

Rinse off any residual detergent residue. The easiest way is to run a pot of water through each part until no bubbles form on surfaces where detergent was applied.

I’ll start by providing you a fast summary of what type of materials you need for this process: dish soap, water, a sponge or scrubbing brush, and cotton swabs or paper towels.

Then, we will show you in detail each step so that you can easily follow it at home!

Wash all of the pieces that come in touch with milk or coffee.

The first step is to clean all parts that will contact milk or coffee during the cleaning process. This includes the main body, bath spouts, and any filters/capsules.

Note: If you have a different type of machine, similar steps can be taken to clean it. Just remember that this is a very general how-to, and your device may be slightly different in design.

 Main body: Remove the milk container by sliding it down and out of its holder. Then wash the main body in warm, soapy water (dish soap works well). Feel free to keep it on the top rack if you have a dishwasher and run it through a cycle.

 Spouts: The spout should be removed from the machine by twisting and pulling it straight up. Some machines come with two fixtures while others only come with one; both need to clean separately. Wash the spout by rinsing it with water. If you notice any hard-to-remove residues, use a soft scrubbing brush or cotton swab dipped in the solution to gently remove them.

 Capsules/filters: The capsules and filters need to be removed before being cleaned. On some machines, these are reusable, while on others, they are disposable. The part might need to be taken apart before cleaning to reach all the pieces easily.

Wand holder: Some machines have this part, but many don’t. If your device does have one, it will typically pull straight up from its holder near the main body once the nozzle is removed.

Wash the wand holder rinsing it with water. If you notice any hard-to-remove residues, use a soft scrubbing brush or cotton swab dipped in the solution to gently remove them.

Jura E8 Repair - iFixit

 Rinse off any residual detergent residue.

Rinse all parts in contact with either milk or dish soap using warm water (it doesn’t have to be hot). Gently scrub away any remaining residue surfaces where detergent was applied. The only exception is the pods/capsules/filters outlined above since they need to have detergent residue for this cleaning process.

Use vinegar and hot water.

Pour white, distilled vinegar into the main body of your machine (the reservoir) until it reaches the “max” water line indicated on its inside wall. Run a new cycle without any pods/capsules/filters inserted into the machine by pressing either of its two brew buttons.

Once the process is finished, let the engine run through another cycle without any pods/capsules/filters inserted into it but this time, press the steam button instead of one of the brew buttons. After that has been completed, immediately place some more vinegar in the main body and some boiling water (use around% cold tap water with 50% cold vinegar). Let the machine run through one more cycle with no pods/capsules/filters inserted into it.

Run a cycle using only water.

Lastly, run at least one cycle using only hot tap water with no detergent or vinegar added to it. You can let this run on its own or press either of the two brew buttons; both work just OK. Once this is finished, you’re all done! Now sit back and enjoy your newly cleaned machine and some tasty coffee too :

Note: This is meant to serve as a general guide for how-to clean Keurig machines that do not have built-in milk frothers. If your model incorporates such an attachment, please consult its instruction manual before cleaning it to ensure you don’t damage the components.

So if you have any observations or need to add further information about this topic, please feel free to do so utilizing the comment box below! I would like to hear from you and try my best to answer any of your questions. My contact details can be found in my bio below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope it helped clear up some of your questions about Keurig machine maintenance. Please share this page with your friends if they own a Keurig brewer, too, by clicking on either one of the two sharing buttons located at the top or bottom of this article. It’s much appreciated!

Final Verdict

The Jura e8 machine is relatively new, and then I’d say go for it. However, if the problem persists, try using hot water first before cleaning (if that doesn’t work) and if nothing helps, take your machine to a local Jura dealer where they’ll inspect it for free and most likely fix it.

I hope this helps, good luck! I love using my Jura machine, but cleaning is a bit of a hassle, so if anyone has found any other techniques to clean their machine.

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