How To Sell Your Own Web Hosting Plans Using Reseller Hosting?

In recent years, with thousands of websites are being launched every day, the demand for quality web hosting services has been at its peak. While web hosting companies have been trying to meet this increased demand, Hosting Resellers have made the most of this opportunity and established web  Reseller Hosting businesses too.  Launching a Web Hosting Reseller business is simple since you don’t have to spend on the infrastructure needed or the expertise to run and manage the infrastructure. Hosting Resellers purchase a Reseller Hosting plan from a parent company, create smaller hosting packages, and sell them to their clients. 

The following video offers a step-by-step guide to starting a Reseller Hosting business:

However, to be successful, there are certain things that you need to ensure as listed below.

1. Choosing the perfect parent host

As a Hosting Reseller, although you are creating hosting packages, their performance depends on the performance of the server offered by the host from where you purchase the best Reseller Hosting plan. Hence, you need to ensure that before you buy the plan, you research the market and compare Reseller Hosting providers based on price, operating system, hardware, etc. Think about the market segment that you intend to cater to and their hosting needs. This will help you get a picture of the kind of resources you will require to offer competitive hosting packages to them. Keeping this and your budget in mind, start looking for Reseller Hosting plans and choose the best option.

2. Building your services

Web hosting companies cater to the broad market and try to offer generic hosting plans that cater to most kinds of websites. However, each website is different, and hence, site owners look for plans that are tailored to their needs. While it might not be possible to create a customized plan for every client, Hosting Resellers try to target a small market segment and create hosting packages that are customized to it.

If the host is offering white label hosting, then add your brand name to the portals and update the nameservers. Also, create hosting packages and prepare your business to start approaching clients.

3. Setting the price of the hosting packages

For most site owners, the price of the hosting service is often the deciding factor. While some Hosting Resellers try to offer the cheapest hosting plans and expect to turn profits by attracting a large volume of clients, others make an error of pricing the plans too high for the market segment. It is important to find the right price for the services offered via your hosting packages. Also, choose the right billing system like WHMCS to ensure payments are collected on time.

4. Offering personalized support

Another area where Hosting Resellers have an opportunity to score better than hosting companies is client support. Since hosting companies typically cater to thousands of clients, they can’t offer personalized service. Hosting Resellers, on the other hand, have fewer clients to manage and hence can offer personalized services ensuring that this becomes a strong point of the business. Since web hosting is a technical process, if site owners are not happy with the support, they tend to switch the provider. Hence, ensuring personalized support helps gain loyal clients.

Summing Up

Reseller Web Hosting can be a lucrative business if you keep the above-mentioned points in mind and use digital marketing to promote your business to your target market effectively. It is an excellent way to start a web hosting business while creating a regular source of income. Ensure that you understand the technicalities associated with web hosting and create a strategic plan to ensure success. Good Luck!










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