Important places to see in Albanian Alps

For an unforgettable travel experience in Albania, you should tour Albania Alps for there are many places to see. The climate of Albania is Mediterranean and the country is partially undiscovered. Also known as Accursed Mountains, Albanian Alps is towards the north of Albania. It is just a few hours drive from Greece and Macedonia. The Alps covers the borders of Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. Well, the most beautiful place in the Alps is undoubtedly Valbone Valley which is just near to Theth village. In the Valbone Valley, you will find glaciers, amazing mountainous landscapes and untread nature. If you want to go for hiking, then organize trekking here. The routes are beautiful, properly marked while the locals are friendly and hospitable. You can meet locals while trekking, stay in tents at night or opt for guest houses.

Best time to visit Albania Alps

Before traveling to any place, you need to ensure a favorable climate. Talking about Albania, the climate is warm Mediterranean with around 290 sunny days. You should visit Alps during May and September for the winters are treacherously cold here. Mountains get covered with layers of ice, making it difficult for you to travel.

Best places to visit

Albania Alps have some top attractions. They are stated below:

  • Shkoder: Begin your journey from Shkoder. The largest city offers magnificent mountain views. In Shkoder, you can do plenty of things. You may enjoy hiking, biking, sightseeing in Shkoder. Meanwhile, check the ruins of churches, castles and also visit churches, mosques en route.
  • Valbona Valley: Explore the beautiful Valbona Valley, its scenic views, fresh air, wonderful nature and crystal clear water. Valbona Valley National Park is another treasure house and you may go hiking from Valbone to Theth. The real beauty of Albania is Albanian Alps which is best for hiking. Move along the beautiful views, mountain pass and the abundant green valleys.
  • Lake Komani: To enjoy a boat trip, head towards Lake Komani. It is said that Komani’s boat trip is world’s best boat trip. On a boat, move from Koman town to Fierza. Enjoy beautiful views and natural surroundings during the boat ride for there is hardly any road. You are allowed to take your car and belongings in the boat.
  • Kukes: a special city in Albania is a wonderful stop to enjoy a sip of coffee. You can relax in Kukes after a tiring journey.

There are several other places to visit in Albanian Alps. To explore surrounding mountains, for instance, you can visit Peshkopi. Besides, you will find affordable accommodation in the Alps for there are hotels in Theth and Shkodra. Choose guesthouses when you are out for hiking.

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