Maintenance Tips for Iron Doors  

If you’re looking for a unique entry into your home, then installing iron doors is an excellent choice. They elevate the look of the home, but if they’re not regularly maintenance, then the iron doors tend to lose their appeal. Iron door’s popularity grew because they’re durable and naturally resistant to rust. Thus, they’re the perfect complement to a home in any climate.

One of the most asked questions by homeowners is how to maintenance iron doors after having them installed. A leading iron door company will suggest the maintenance process isn’t difficult at all. In fact, it will take less time than treating a standard door. Maintenance should take place each month.

Here are maintenance tips for iron doors:

How to Clean Iron Doors

A mild cleanser should be used to when cleaning iron doors as you combine a teaspoon of Castile soap (a vegetable-based soap) and water in a dish. Mix the solution until it forms suds. Use a non-abrasive cloth to clean the iron doors, but never allow the solution to dry-off by itself. The minerals in the water could damage the outer appearance of the iron doors if left on for too long. Also, if your iron doors are exposed to the outdoors, then you must periodically dry them off after a rainstorm or other precipitation has occurred.

Oiling the Hinges of Iron Doors

Usually, iron doors are used as a secured entry into the home. Thus, homeowners who live in a climate where the temperature is cooler in the fall and winter months have an important annual maintenance schedule. One of the key tasks is keeping the door’s hinges well-oiled before the change of the seasons. Owners of iron doors who live near the ocean also have a similar maintenance schedule. Their biggest concern is the saltwater air as it will corrode the hinges to the point they will have to be replaced if left unattended. The goal is to keep the iron doors and it’s hinges moist-free as much as possible.

Media Blasting of Iron Doors

Even the best maintenance plan cannot avoid the threat of the iron doors suffering some form of external damage. Often, homeowners have to re-touch their doors periodically if chipping of the surface paint has begun. Some call this task “media blasting.” The process consists of removing chipped paint and other blemishes off the iron door. Media blasting isn’t complete until the surface is completely smooth, but it’s a messy job that can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. Some homeowners believe this maintenance task is too complicated and require the services of iron door company specialists to complete the job. Once the chips are removed, then you can re-paint the iron doors.

Maintenance to iron doors can be an expensive investment. However, the end results will enhance the appearance of the door and assist to protect the home itself.


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