Male Hair Shampooing

Despite its apparent simplicity, men’s hair care has many features. In addition to haircuts that are better to be entrusted to professionals from the barbershop, you also need to wash your hair properly at home.

For example, men should not use women’s shampoos even though everyone has the same hair structure. The sebaceous and sweat glands of men work more intensively than women, hair is naturally coarser, and the scalp is thicker. The scalp pH also differs in men and women. Most often, the choice of men’s shampoo is restricted to going to the shop window and taking the one which is more familiar, the smell is better, or the bottle is more attractive. This approach is not the most correct and beneficial for hair in barbershop on Manhattan.

If you have a normal type of hair, you are lucky. It looks healthy, greasiness at the roots appears every few days, it is enough to wash it only twice a week.

Greasy hair is a common occurrence in the male population. Due to the active work of the sebaceous glands, such hair quickly becomes dirty and unkempt. It is necessary to wash greasy hair daily.

Dry hair is less prevalent than the other two types, looks dull, and often has split ends. It suffers from dandruff. In this case, you need to wash your hair infrequently, about three times every two weeks.

Hair of the mixed type is very rare in men. Greasy roots and dry ends are features, which are practically not found on short hair lengths.

Problematic hair type should be adjusted with some special care. Grease can be reduced by minimizing sweeties and animal fats. A product for hair shampooing plays a huge role in the care routine.

Shower gel, soap, shampoo – many do not attach great importance and choose what is convenient. In fact, only the shampoo that is selected according to the hair type is suitable for hair washing. Correctly selected shampoo lathers well, cleanses the scalp and hair, does not leave any greasy marks. After applying, dandruff is not to appear. The acidity level of a male shampoo should be around 5.4 pH. Hair needs moisturizing and nourishing, so a suitable shampoo contains less harmful components and more nourishing and moisturizing substances. These can be oils and vitamins, or other nutritional components.

A man’s hair over the age of thirty requires special attention. It needs to be strengthened, paying attention also to the scalp. This will help to maintain the health and hair look.

The best shampoo has a natural base, protects hair, makes it easier to comb, increases elasticity, nourishes and moisturizes. Many men’s shampoos fight dandruff, contain menthol for freshness, and have a slight cooling effect. If dandruff is caused by a dry scalp, this can actually solve the problem. Dandruff, which appears for other reasons, is combined with itching, greasiness, and other unpleasant symptoms. It is worth contacting a trichologist, and other specialists, as the reason lies in general disorders of health and hormonal balance.

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