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People with addictions have many different options for overcoming their addictions.  One thing they have in common is that everyone needs a way to maintain the progress they’ve made.  Overcoming addiction is not a one-time thing.  Recovery doesn’t happen once and it’s done forever.  It’s something that people have to overcome every single day.  It is so easy to relapse that there needs to be a way to keep from falling back into the addiction.

People are beginning to find out that online recovery support is one way to maintain recovery.  Most people have access to the internet and it is available whenever a person needs support.  Even if a person doesn’t have internet access, they can log in at a library.  This makes online recovery support a perfect way to deal with the long-term needs of recovery.

No matter what the particular addiction is, there is a support group to help deal with the problems that face each person as they work on their recovery.  There are support groups that help deal with all substance abuse problems plus mental illness issues.   There are even alcoholics anonymous meetings available online where you can choose meetings beginning at 4 am, and choices running until late into the night.

Here is a very positive attribute of on-line support group recovery — the availability of support 24/7.  Whenever a patient is having destructive thoughts, he can log in to read what other people have done to help themselves overcome these negative thoughts.  In many of these online recovery support groups, there is a peer-to-peer option where you can talk to someone who has gone through the same addictions.

Another positive aspect of this form of support is that most of these online groups are free.  Addictive behavior often causes financial hardship.  It is important that the support given on an online recovery group doesn’t cost any money.

Online recovery support groups can help a patient build motivation for change. Change is very difficult for most people.  These groups provide that sort of motivation.  When a person sees that someone else has been successful, the addicted person can feel the personal motivation to succeed themselves.

Also speaking peer-to-peer lets a person learn new ideas and new strategies for dealing with certain widespread problems such as coping with the cravings and the urges to use substances or abuse alcohol.    The other person in the group may have learned a better way to manage the thoughts and feelings that make a person reach for illegal substances or alcohol.  Perhaps their strategies will be helpful to other people.

When a person is well into their recovery, there is another facet that needs to be addressed.  People in recovery need to know that there is another way to live a life that is better for them.  Seeing other people living a healthy life is a positive motivation.  Seeing other former addicts having positive interactions with their family and friends gives people hope that they can also live a balanced life.

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