Prepare For The Naplex Exam With These Simple And Effective Tips

Becoming a licensed pharmacist isn’t easy. You may have to take several courses in physiology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology, therapeutics, and pharmacokinetics. Apart from this, you have to study for four years, and to be licensed; you have to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examinations (NAPLEX). 

The good news is that a Naplex practice question paper and some other tips can help you prepare for the examination and pass it. 

This article highlights those tips:


  • Take A Naplex Review Course


Most pharmacy schools give Naplex review courses on-campus or through a combination of online and live lectures. If your school doesn’t offer it, you can find some courses and materials on the internet. 

Naplex review courses can help you to go over relevant materials as you prepare for the exams. Some topics you’re likely to find in these courses include; drug and nutrient interactions, disease process, medication administration, drug reactions, and interactions terminology. 


  • Go Through Naplex Topics


From the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s website, you can find some topics that will be tested on the exams. Most exams test the student’s ability to effectively and safely deliver pharmacotherapy. From those topics and competency questions, you’ll also revise how to dispense, administer, compound, and prepare prescription drugs properly. 


  • Study The Exam Format


Before taking your exam, you need to know the exam format. Naplex exams generate questions depending on how you answer the previous questions. Unfortunately, you can’t skip any questions. Therefore, you need to know how the format looks to save you from panicking. 

You can find sample formats for this exam in the Naplex Candidate Registration Bulletin. You’ll see multiple-choice questions in this bulletin that may have more than one correct answer, standard multi-choice questions, and questions that require you to make calculations before entering your answer into the box. 

The bulletin also highlights formats of questions that may require you to rank answer choices depending on some specific set of circumstances and diagrams that need you to choose where an answer should be. If you go to the exams with these question types in mind, you’ll increase your chances of passing.


  • Familiarize Yourself With Naplex Procedures


The Candidate Registration Bulletin has detailed information about what you need to sit the exams, exam registration, how to get your score report, and procedures to be followed on the test day. Familiarizing yourself with these procedures before the exams can help minimize your anxiety on the exam day. 

If your state needs you to sign some specific forms before the exam day, ensure you do so. Apart from that, you also need to know the eligibility dates, scheduling, and instructions as outlined in your authorization test letter. It’s also advisable to go through the rules that will be enforced at the testing center. 

The Bottom-line

Passing the Naplex exam needs you to get out of your comfort zone. Going through Naplex topics, taking a review course, studying the exam format, and knowing naplex procedures can help you know more about the exams, reduce your anxiety, and increase your chances of passing. 


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