Pros and Cons of Virtual Speed Dating

With the raging ongoing pandemic, virtual speed dating is now the go-to way to meet singles that are ready to mingle. The success of virtual speed dating is evident from the positive reviews. Testimonials of how people met on such events and kicked it off are there on display if you go sourcing out for them. However, everything has its pros and cons. Here is a look at the pros and cons of virtual speed dating.


  • You get to attend dates at the comfort of your home

What better environment will you be more comfortable in than your own house? Virtual speed dates do not require you to go out to the physical event as everything is done online. You get to set the stage in familiar territory. This is also a good way to let people into your personal space while in the search for a soulmate.

  • Rejection is softer

Real-world dating can be tough. You try your best and get rejected on your face. You then end up wallowing in self-pity swearing never to date again. Virtual speed dating takes care of all this. You only have a few minutes to talk to a person. They do not reject you at your face as the organizers will handle the matchmaking process. If you both like each other then you get the opportunity to meet again.

  • You can perfect your conversational skills

Virtual speed dating does not follow the rules of “the dating world” although, you still have to take it seriously, you can have a little help by noting down some questions that you will ask your dates. This will help keep the conversation running for the few minutes accorded. This means no awkward silence that can be a real turn off to your date.

  • More economical than full-time dates

A small fee is charged to register such events. Given that you get to attend multiple dates this is as economical as it gets. A full-time date can be very expensive and that’s just with a single person. Virtual dating offers you a completely different alternative at a cheap.


  • No vetting process

Virtual speed dating means you get to meet different people. This can make you a little shaky. There is no time for background checks. You just have to be at you’re A-game at all times.

  • A few minutes can drag forever

You can be paired with someone that completely irritates you. They may end up spoiling your mood. In such cases, you can feel as if it is taking forever for the minutes to exhaust.  You should try to relax as the options are still plenty. Letting one person get to you will only drag you back.

  • Regulars might show up

You have probably decided to give it another shot. You then meet the super annoying date you were paired with last time. These mini-dates can be boring if you keep meeting the same people. The best way to handle this would be to expand your range. Try events that are further from your usual geographical reach.

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