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You will find tons of browsers in the app market. All you have to do is just search. Well, Puffin Web Browser is kind of a good web browser with unique features. This web browser supports a wide range of platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Android TV. Puffin is a super-fast web browser that helps users browse fast and fulfill their needs fast. This amazing Web Browser is offered by CloudMosa Inc. and has officially released on the 1st of January 2012, along with many unique features and functions.

Puffin Web browser available for Android devices via play store. For Android devices like phones and tablets that does not support play store application can use AC Market. AC Market has puffin web browser app for free. This browser does not available on Play Store TV app. You can download this browser application on Android TV boxes using play store. Use Filelinked application to install Puffin Web Browser for Android TV box, firestick and google TV. Use Filelinked code 11111111 for free installation.

Features of Puffin Web Browser

  • One of the most special feature Puffin introduce you is browsing web pages at lightning speed. You can easily download the browsed web pages to the Cloud Server, where it decreases the buffering time. Even if there’s any problem with the web pages you browse, if you have already downloaded the contents to the cloud servers, you can access them without a single issue. You can download any content to the Puffin Web Browser up to 1 Gigabyte.
  • Yet this browser is free of charge and not a paid one. You are all free to access any content free of charge using this excellent web browser.
  • The second most important feature this offers you is high security encryption. Generally, you can lose the data you transmit while you browse through a standard web browser. This is quite insecure, and your data are at risk if they are your private data. You can even face threats, especially if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, and you can be attacked by hackers. Since Puffin uses high security encryption methods, you can send any content through this web browser anytime without a doubt.
  • The data compression method which this Puffin Web Browser uses is a very useful, unique, and a very important feature to a user who frequently uses web browsers. This method helps you to save your data usage, which is very cost effective. As an example, when you download a large file, the data which consumes will be lesser, but the quality won’t be changed in any circumstance.
  • This Web Browser supports flash players, and you can use web apps that support this Flash Player through Puffin Browser. You can even play Flash games, which is quite fun.
  • This amazing Puffin Web Browser also compatible with the Android Mobile Screen, Desktop PCs, and Android TV. Through these devices, you are able to play Flash games. To play these funny games, Puffin offers you a virtual gamepad.


This wicked fast Puffin Web Browser has fixed a couple of reported issues. Also, it has added many new features to make the users comfortable with the application. According to the limitation of this Web browser, Puffin is blocked in some countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. But anyway, you can browse anything from this web browser according to your geographical location.

If you experience any lag using this browser application, make sure to apply performance boost using a Android cleaning tool like Clean Master, NOX cleaner or any other favorite performance boosting application.


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