Pursuing A Career In Fashion: Things To Consider  

If anyone asked an Australian what their career options were 10 or 20 years ago, most of them would have settled with medicine, law, or engineering careers. Advancements in technology and increased globalisation brought with it innumerable job opportunities in sectors that weren’t even on the list years before. 

Australia’s fashion industry is one such field where employment and career possibilities are at an all-time high, creating a new set of standards for employment for aspiring fashionistas. Having a relevant fashion degree is a start followed by a plunge into the huge selection of jobs available in the market.

But like all growing fields in Australia, the fashion industry also faces its challenges, serious competition being one of them. So, just being disciplined and passionate is not simply going to cut it. If one wants to excel in the industry and make a promising career, then make sure to do the following things promptly and conscientiously: 

Proper Networking: 

Networking in a competitive industry like fashion is crucial if one wants to land a promising position in the field. The best way to do it is to start interning for prominent brands or companies and meeting new people. 

As the network grows, people can get in touch with directors, managers, executives and other people of prominence who can help them in their journey and show or exchange creative ideas and opportunities. Networking also helps aspiring individuals understand how the industry works and what they should develop to impress people they want to work with.

Work Experience: 

Speaking of internships, work experience can help a lot in pursuing a specific field or finding out what works best. Not only is a relevant work experience a valuable addition to a resume, but it can also give a peek into the intricacies of the fashion industry behind the curtains. 

Be relentless when knocking on doors asking for work opportunities, and a door is bound to get opened in time. Don’t always work with the remuneration in mind and if no other options are available, look forward to volunteering to gain relevant experience. 

Find A Niche And Work On It: 

Understanding what path or direction to follow at an early age will be beneficial as it avoids confusion down the road. Having a fashion degree in business marketing, designing, brand management, or other areas can give an upper hand if a position opens up. 

Learn, Learn and Learn: 

Always be up-to-date on what goes on in the industry, new models or clotheslines opening up or new trends that may get picked up in the future and other things. Having a broad knowledge of all these things can enable aspirants to impress and even predict successful patterns in the market in the future. Read magazines, learn what the favourite brand is working on, look for current problems in the industry and work out a basic solution for it. If everything goes right, it will attract seniors or executives to the market, and opportunities will come.

Have An Impressive Portfolio: 

To be in the fashion industry, employers must know what drives or pushes people to do it. Ridiculous statements like “Fashion is in my blood” won’t make the right impression. The best way to leave a lasting mark is to do something special or different, like having a blog or relevant experience that shows how dedicated the person is to work with a brand or a company.

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