Reasons Why You Should Have Security Guards at Your Hospital

Hospitals, like any other buildings, are susceptible and need to be protected. Hospitals are large, bustling locations with hundreds of people passing through on a regular basis. That means a lot might go unnoticed, and there are a lot of dangers as well. As a result, professional security guards are required to keep an eye on everything and to intervene quickly if they spot suspicious conduct or an upset patient or visitor attempting to cause harm. Because of COVID-19, security guards are now more important than ever in healthcare facilities. COVID-19 prevention measures can be enforced by security guards to ensure that all visitors to the hospital follow the rules. The following are reasons why security guards are vital at a hospital.

  1. Child Abduction and Theft

Theft and kidnapping are two worrying issues that have become increasingly common in recent years. The healthcare industry, like other sectors of security such as financial and educational, has grown vulnerable to horrific incidents. The infant’s safety and protection is a priority for the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). According to a JCAHO survey, hospitals account for nearly half of all abductions. The chance of a child being abducted is reduced when security guards patrol the facilities, such as newborn nurseries and pediatric units. Guards check visitors’ identification cards and ask about their link with the youngster before allowing them to enter these sites. They do it in order to lessen the chances of someone unknown breaking in. Keeping a watchful eye on strange behaviors both during the day and at night can help reduce crime.

  1. Controlling Hospital Access Points

Emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, intensive care units, and behavioral health departments all benefit from having hospital security guards. To avert any unexpected incident, the guards keep an eye on the ins and outs. An intruder, for example, would try to get access to these regions without permission. These guards are capable of properly handling the situation. They’ll start by looking into the individual and gathering information about the intrusion. The suspect will then be turned over to the local police department for further investigation. This move will prevent danger and chaos from disrupting the surrounding area’s serene atmosphere. These security guards will not only run the CCTV cameras, but they will also manually inspect visitors to provide an added layer of protection.

  1. Keeping the Parking Lots Clean and Orderly

Hospitals with extensive parking lots require well-trained security personnel to keep an eye on the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CCTV cameras are beneficial; however, they mostly serve to monitor traffic areas rather than precisely regulate it. Guards can manage automobiles in parking lots by directing traffic flow. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles will find it easier to exit parking lots quickly. The health and safety of the patients are ensured when ambulances are made as accessible as possible.

Contact Ranger Security for Effective Security Solutions at Your Hospital

Aside from spotting danger and removing threats, security guards could also perform other duties at your hospital. They can also help in an emergency and provide vital information to visitors and patients seeking direction. At Ranger Security Agency in Fort Worth, TX, we provide hospital security services across Texas. We provide security services to nursing homes, small doctor’s offices, and other facilities through our massive network. Any security demand you may have will be met by our well-trained and experienced staff. To learn more about how we may assist you, contact us at any time.

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