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Hi friends, today in this guide I am going to tell you something about the mask. Of course, it’s not a mouth covering mask, rather it’s a traditional Japanese face mask. Many people use this mask during parties and other events. These masks are very useful and beautiful. The traditional Japanese mask is beautifully designed, comes in various colors and characters including demonic and diabolic characters. The masks are very decorative and some of these masks are available at shrine events or festivals. Other types of masks are worn during the dances like the traditional Shinto dance of Japan. Many actors are there that even use this type of traditional mask during the performance of the show.

Shop Masks

For instance, if the show is about demon attacking, then the actors will wear various kinds of demon mask that comes in different colors. If you are also an actor and are about to act in a traditional Japanese show or others then you can easily shop for traditional Japanese masks. There are varieties of masks that you will get which are traditional including beautiful cat masks also. One of the best things that you will know about these masks is that they are breathable masks and the visibility is also clear. The mask smells ok, like no bad smell and you can wear it.

Oni Masks

The quality of the traditional Japanese masks is very good and standard quality. Like the masks, if it falls off will not get damaged or cracked, unless hit hard. There are also available oni masks. Oni is known as devil or demon in traditional Japanese and is a red-faced demon that has an angry face and sharp teeth. You can even get that Oni mask for any kind of demonic-related shows where you are playing the devil or the bad guy. Kids mostly watch these types of shows.

Oni Demons Mask & Its Popularity

One of the reasons why the Oni demon shows are very popular is because in the show it is believed that if you throw beans at the Oni demon then it goes away and good luck comes in. This is one of the reasons why the shows are so popular in Japan and other places and why people buy that masks. Even during certain festivals families buy the popular Oni mask other members throw the beans, and they believe good lick comes in. The other type of mask that is available is the tengu mask, which is of gods that protect the mountain.

Different Types of Masks – 

Other types of masks that are available are kitsune, hyottoko, okame, noh, and kyogen masks, men-yoroi, etc. You will note one thing that is that the masks are related to some of the other gods or demons or things, or for armor, etc. You will get different quality masks, some masks are paper masks, some are plastic colored masks and some are light wooden masks. Some of the wooden masks are like the samurai masks. So, you will get different kinds of masks that you can choose if happen to do a show.

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