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The Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your House in Houston 

Getting Rid of Mosquitos

Mosquitos pose a serious threat to public health because they spread disease-causing bacteria and viruses to both people and animals. Mosquitoes are also classified as nuisance pests as a result of the disruption their bites bring to human activities. Though most mosquito species are mostly active at dusk and at night, certain common house mosquito species (those that lay their eggs in temporary pools of water) are active throughout the day. Mosquitoes can’t reproduce without access to water; therefore they’ve adapted to a wide variety of aquatic environments. Keep in mind that using pesticides to get rid of mosquitoes is merely a band-aid solution. Integrated pest management is necessary for long-term population reduction efforts. The aim of integrated pest management is to control pests in a manner that is both effective and economical while also protecting human health and the natural environment. The best way of getting rid of mosquitos from your home is by fixing your screens and doors. However, this method can only work after you have controlled their population by disrupting their breeding cycles outside.

Fixing Windows and Doors

Insects, rodents, and even mosquitoes enter a home via the gap surrounding an external door or window. It’s may seem old-fashioned, but it makes perfect sense. Don’t make it simple for them to enter your home. Closing visible openings in window frames and doors can address many insect and pest problems. Install window screens if you don’t already have them. You only need them on the ones you often open. Most homes have windows that were originally outfitted with screens, but they lack in some older buildings. These screens can be constructed at home and installed in a matter of minutes on any window.

When it comes to maintenance of the screens, remember that even a little hole or rip may let in a surprising number of insects. Check for even the tiniest of holes in your window screens. Screens can be easily repaired using a patch kit.

Mosquitoes and other pests may also enter your home via doors. A mosquito can readily enter a building via the smallest door opening. Installing a door strip or weather stripping will create a tight seal that will keep these irritants out. A simple door strip does its job well and doesn’t cost much money; thus, it is a great way to keep insects away. An additional advantage is that it will also block air drafts.

Mosquito Control on The Outside.

There are mosquitoes inside because there are mosquitoes outside. If you get rid of the latter, you should expect to see a significant reduction in the former. You can effectively put an end to mosquito infestations in and around your home by eliminating mosquito breeding sites. Verify that you are not encouraging mosquito breeding by offering comfortable space for them to breed in your yard or nearby. Do the following to control mosquito breeding in your environs:

  • Make sure your yard pool has a constant and running flow of water.
  • Drain any puddles near your home.
  • Constantly drain your pet feeder.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Check for standing water in locations like old tires and drums.

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