The Positive Effects of Hemp CBD Oil on Dogs

Many dog-owners are raving about the many benefits of hemp oil for dogs. If you have your doubts about this product then that is just fine. After all, CBD is a controversial product. It stands for cannabidiol, a compound that is found in the hemp plant. Hemp and marijuana are related. This is why many people think that CBD also has a psychoactive effect. The truth is it does not. It will not get you or your dog high. This is because hemp CBD oil contains just a small amount of THC, the compound that provides the feeling of being high. Hemp CBD oil is also a 100% all-natural product. It is even safer than many pet products available on the market today. Many of these products contain chemicals that can pose a threat to your dog’s health.

CBD oil works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. All mammals have an ECS. The main role of the ECS is to maintain balance in the body. This state is known as homeostasis. Part of the ECS is a network of receptors that are found all over the body. CBD encourages the development of new receptors and supports the ones that are already in existence. This means that taking CBD oil will greatly benefit the ECS. CBD oil provides calming effect and, yes, a feeling of balance. It can also boost your dog’s appetite and ensures that he gets the nutrients he needs to become healthy and strong. CBD can also benefit your dog’s bones and muscles. This is why it is perfect for old dogs that are already having issues with mobility. 

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