There’s a Clever Method To View Instagram Stories Without Being Recognized

Ever desired to look into somebody’s Instagram Story however didn’t want to appear stalkerish? There is, however, a nice way to browse IG Stories secretly, and that’s a game-changer with all your perving desires. When somebody shares an Instagram Story, Instagram notifies them of how many people have seen and interacted with this. There is a third-party service called Insta-Stories that allows you to put in somebody’s username and see their Insta Stories without having your name appear on their database of individuals who have seen their nonsense.

It doesn’t even require you to be logged in to Insta to operate, but there is no way this can be linked to you! Isn’t it awesome? The only caveat is that you can only do it if their account is public.

How to Access Instagram Stories Without Having to Tell Anybody

Perhaps you’re performing a market survey and desire to get a sneak peek at a competitor’s Instagram approach, but you’d rather keep that knowledge private. Despite your motivation, there are two techniques to sneakily see ig stories anonymous.

Option 1: Swipe backward from the subsequent Instagram Story

This approach takes benefit of the interface’s ability to slide across the Stories of various users.

Here is what you should do:

  • Find any account whose Story you wish to see in private on your stream and tap on this.
  • To watch a Story, click on this to stop it, then slide carefully and slowly in the way you wish to see it. It’ll look like it’s on the opposite end of a 3-dimensional container.
  • When you slide towards the right, the visitor will notice that you’ve looked at it.

The main downside of this technique is that you could only see the first Story upon the account’s timeline and that clips are not available. Another issue is that it’s all too simple to swipe together all way through, rendering the entire exercise useless.

Option 2: Consider a third-party application or website as a second option

This technique necessitates the use of a separate webpage or application. Because viewing ig stories anonymous using these apps isn’t recorded in the analytics, the customer won’t be aware that you’ve done so. Kindly use these applications at your risk since they are 3rd party applications:

Computer/ Laptop/ PC: On a computer, go to then look for the person. You will be eligible to see and install most of that person’s current stories provided their account is public.

iPhone: Sign in to the Story Reposter application on your iPhone. Inside the search field, look for the person, and then touch on the Instagram Stories category.

Android: Install the Story Saver application on your Android device and sign in. Use the search option in the top right-hand corner to look for the username. In a stream structure, you will be eligible to see their Stories.

This technique requires a bit more attention, but it is certainly more failsafe and makes downloading and saving the Stories you are seeing considerably simpler.

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