Tips to Contractors Who Plan on Purchasing Used Forklifts for Sale

Entrepreneurs who are involved in industrial businesses require numerous vehicles, machines, and equipment for multiple purposes. For example, if they have materials to move for storage or delivery, they need support from laborers. With more hands, such tasks can be accomplished quickly and they can do other jobs in the queue.

Well, that would be the case if you have a lot of workers in your company, thus, providing jobs but you’re also paying more heads. However, these people have specific job requirements, so they shouldn’t leave their posts without urgency. Instead of using your laborers for such time-consuming and manual tasks, you should be investing in forklift trucks to assist them.

Indeed, you don’t even have to purchase expensive brands for now if funding is the issue. That’s because you can buy forklift trucks at affordable rates but these are secondhand units in good condition. Try checking out Sun Equipment used forklifts to find a machine that suits your budget and we’ll help you through.


Since you’re contracting various construction projects, you surely have supplies in your warehouse. You can use the truck to load materials, thus, the fork shouldn’t incur damages. That’s because it has to maintain its quality and strength.

This means that you have to inspect the forklift parts, especially the fork and heel which play very important roles. Watch out for various signs of cracks, bends, or wear because these must be replaced or repaired first. Make sure that the fork blade is thick enough just like the shank.


Don’t forget that these machines will be lifting heavy materials. Therefore, the lift chains shouldn’t have gaps in between parts. The welded portions might have cracks and they must be fixed.

Remember that poor welding will weaken the mast’s structural integrity. Another thing, the lift chains shouldn’t be corroded as well. they must be complete and the links or pins should be intact. 

Safety Features

The reason why you’re meticulously inspecting the unit is not only about finding a good forklift. This also concerns your well-being, thus, all safety measures must work.

Therefore, be cautious of the seatbelt, horn, brakes, lights, levers, and seat adjustments because these must be functioning. These are essential when driving with various materials and when malfunctioning, serious issues in the warehouse will occur.

When overhead guards have damage, they should only obtain ¾ inch deflection, according to OHSA. If possible, we have to minimize these issues because they will jeopardize your driver’s life – click for more information.


These are also essential parts since they have to move around carrying heavy materials. Therefore, the tires shouldn’t be cracking or chunking to perform well. This is a sign that the tires need replacement because it may affect your driver and material’s safety.

When these are in rough shape, it could affect the safety line as well. Therefore, make sure it’s still okay or else they must be replaced. By the way, don’t forget to inspect the sidewalls, too.


You have to run the equipment several times to test its engine. It would be great if you could check its compartment to inspect leaks and cracks, especially on the hose.

If you can find the dipstick, then look at the engine oil if it’s low. In this case, there could be a leak and that’s not good. Belts should be lubricated and brakes with the right transmission fluid.

By the way, it’s important to find out if there are leaks on the cylinders, transmission, and radiator. When you run the machine, there shouldn’t be emissions of carbon dioxide due to diesel engines. With such an odor, it means that the regulator or catalytic converter could be problematic.

Battery life

We can’t usually track the hours left or consumed through the battery. However, this isn’t a big issue since these can be replaced with new ones. If time is almost consumed, it means that it may have exceeded a 5-year single-shift usage.

Using the forklift truck with a double-shift means that it would still be good for three years of use. I guess that would be fine because you still have ample time to get a new battery. However, you should check the battery case for corrosion when lead-acid batteries are used – this site will tell you more. 

Mast Operation

How the mast operates should always be smooth. You’ll notice this when the forks are raised at certain heights or levels. You’re a legit buyer anyway, so it’s just right for the sellers to show you these things.

Keep your eyes wide open because you have to look for hiccup signs during the raising process. With such a hiccup, it means that there’s something to be fixed with the link chains. This happens when the mast rollers lack lubricants, are worn out, or need maintenance.


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