Tips to keep things organised in a storage unit

No two storage unit users have identical requirements, but they all are united by a need to maintain good organisation. Whether you plan to visit frequently in order to add and remove items, or simply wish to have the mental reassurance that you’ll be able to located key items once the time to unpack arrives, getting this element under control is vital.

Here are some of the best actionable tips you can incorporate to keep your storage Staples Corner facilities in great health at all times.

Invest in same size boxes

It can be tempting to make do with the boxes you have or borrow them from wherever you can. In truth, though, it’s worth investing in boxes that are the same size. Whether plastic, cardboard, or another solution isn’t overly important. The key factor is that you’ll be able to stack the boxes with far greater ease. Aside from the added convenience, it’ll help you maximise the space too.

Plan the layout

Before packing the storage unit, you should take the time to consider which items you may require access to over the coming weeks or duration of keeping them in storage. Naturally, anything that is likely to be needed should be easily accessed. Whether this means keeping them at the front or incorporating walkways into the floorplan is up to you. Either way, a little preparation is key.

Label everything

You will naturally pack related items together where possible. For example, all of your vinyls will be packed together, as will crockery or bedding. Labels should be used on the boxes as this will save you a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. Label each box with what’s inside, as well as the room that they will go in. This will be particularly useful when using a delivery service at the end of your agreement.

Record everything

As you pack items, be sure to write an itemised list of what has been boxed up. This will provide a sense of clarity that helps you throughout the process. You’ll remove any worries about whether a certain item was packed and gain a deeper insight into what you actually possess. When you number each box too for an even greater level of control, the results are simply incredible.

Consider Shelving

In addition to stacking boxes, you could consider using freestanding shelves. Nobody wants to keep moving loads of boxes to get to the box at the bottom. Having shelves or the items that may be used more regularly keeps things under control. If you plan to store appliances in the unit, it’s best to create a separate designated space for these features too.

Look at your storage unit in advance

Storage Staples Corner units can satisfy all of your ongoing requirements, whether it’s a short-term agreement or a long-term one. However, you will have a far better shot at enjoying the full benefits of the unit when you actually go and check it out first. This will allow you to visualise how the space can be used, thus enabling you to plan with greater success. There’s nothing worse than choosing a space that’s too big or too small.

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