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Top Décor Tips If You Are Living In A Loft

Lofts are the uppermost floor of a building that has been converted into residential spaces in commercial parts of the country. Living in a loft has a lot of benefits.  It’s spacious, trendy, and unique which is perfect for one to two people. But, decorating a loft is a little difficult, you have to know how to manage the space and make it comfortable. The high ceilings and the open space need to be decorated so that it feels like a home. It seems like a lot but we’ll be able to help. 

Loft Color

The color choice for a loft is one of the most important decisions when you’re planning to live there. The loft color (สีลอฟท์, which is the term in Thai) has the power to make the space feel big and bright or claustrophobic. It’s not hard to do the former, the only trick is to choose soft, light, neutral colors. They will open up the place by reflecting the natural light coming in from those big, high windows instead of absorbing them. Light blue, grey, off white are some of the best choices for a loft color.


Since you’re doing light colored walls, the best idea is to contrast it with furniture of a dark shade of the same color- this gives depth to the place and makes it seem more dynamic. Since the loft is one big space, try sectioning it with furniture to give the appearance of separate rooms. For instance, put a couch and coffee table right after entering from the door, put a dinner table beside the kitchen, and so on. This makes it look coherent and more like an inviting home. 


For miscellaneous decor in a loft, you don’t have to do much. Bring in lots of greenery in the home with plants and flower vases. Hang your curtains high so the tall ceilings don’t dwarf the space and make it look more proportional. Bring in soft and round pieces like round tables, circular mirrors, and soft fluffy rugs. Hang artwork, lights, or whatever fits your style but remember to not overcrowd the place. Minimalism is the way to go in modern style home.

Lofts are amazing to live in once you’re used to the open space. With the perfect loft color and matching decor, you’ll love living in your modern style home for a very long time.

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