Top myths related to transportation logistics

We are living in an era where information is available very easily in the form of digital platforms but still, there are many mysteries or we can say myths surrounding the world of transportation services. You should know that a major portion of the manufacturing firms out there put a lot of effort into the earlier phase and this is why only a small portion of the daily routine is dedicated to transportation logistics. It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a third party company for liquid bulk shipping or doing liquid bulk shipping on your own, you will have to make sure that the liquid transport is happening smoothly.

If you are really serious about making your liquid transport seamless and don’t want to face any type of loss liquid bulk shipping containers then you will have to get rid of some of the top myths related to transportation logistics and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

So, without any delay, let’s dig into some of the top myths related to transportation through liquid bulk shipping containers and clear your concept.

There is no reduction in overall freight cost during transport logistics

This is one of the most popular myths related to transportation logistics and it is completely wrong because transportation is never a fixed cost. Proper coordination of transport logistics platforms where managers and other entities involved in the process have better visibility and clarity in the constantly changing variables is the only way to reduce the overall cost of transportation. In addition to reducing the overall cost, this will also help in optimizing the output of resources for making sure that you get the best return.

All the companies who will be able to analyze their previous data well will be able to work on reducing the overall cost in a much better way and this is why data will matter a lot and the analysis of the available data will matter more.

The companies are less focused on technology

If you have never worked with a transportation company shipping liquids then there are maximum chances that you might start thinking that the companies shipping liquids don’t use the latest technology much since they concentrate more on making their transportation services seamless. But you should know that in order to make transportation services seamless, modern day transportation companies have already started using the best technological services out there.

The modern day transportation companies rely on AI, machine learning, GPS, cloud computing, and many other types of technological innovations in order to make their services more reliable, quick, and cost-effective. By using modern day technologies, the liquid freight is provided with the best route and every liquid freight is tracked in real-time as well.

Transportation services don’t focus much on customer relation and satisfaction

Another big misconception related to transportation services is the companies using liquid shipping containers don’t focus much on customer relations and satisfaction and this is why many companies don’t even prefer to outsource their logistics. Well, in the modern era, entering an industry has become very easy and the same can be said about the transportation industry as well. Because of this, there is a high level of competition in the logistics sector and customer satisfaction has become the key to gaining a competitive advantage in the transportation industry.

It doesn’t matter which type of service you choose, the company will always try to maintain 100% customer satisfaction by sticking to their promises and by offering you real-time tracking of your freight. In addition to this, the modern day transportation companies also focus on keeping the prices minimal and helping you technologically.

Transportation companies have the same process for every type of transportation

If you are running a company and this is your first time outsourcing transportation then you might believe in the myth that transportation companies using liquid shipping containers use the same process, equipment, and tools for transportation of every type of product or raw material. But this is just a myth as the companies providing transportation services use different processes, containers, trucks, and tools for transporting different types of product and raw material.

For example, if a company will be transporting milk then it will be using temperature controlled containers that will be free of each and every type of contamination. In addition to this, even the process during transportation varies according to the product in order to keep the product in its natural state.

If you are running a company and moving raw materials or products from one location to another is an important part of your job then you will have to make sure that you are choosing the right third party company for transportation.



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