Visiting Puerto Escondido at the Right Time

After spending more than a month away from the water, we admit that we fell in love and decided to go spend a week in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific coast of Mexico. So we put our bags in the must-see city of surfers. I haven’t found a lot of information on what to do? What to see in Puerto Escondido? So we have put together an article for you on “8 reasons to visit Puerto Escondido”.

Logistics issues

How to get there?

We’re not going to lie to each other, it’s still a hassle! Why? The journey is long very long! You have several solutions: by bus, car or plane. We chose the option of renting a car in Mexico City and taking a roadtrip. We went to Puerto from Oaxaca. You have 2 trips; we chose the shortest but which practically involves only mountain road. Waze and Google Maps tell us different times for the journey time. It is better not to be sick to make a 6 hour trip in the mountains!

The best Deasons

Now here is some information about weather in Puerto Escondido. The right time to visit Puerto Escondido is from January to December, as the temperatures are warm and rainfall is low to moderate. The highest average temperature in Puerto Escondido is 31 ° C in April and the lowest is 29 ° C in January. The water temperature is between 27 ° C and 37 ° C. The weather and climate of Puerto Escondido is suitable for a sun vacation.

The average climate value for Puerto Escondido is 8.9. This is based on several factors, such as average temperatures, probability of precipitation and weather experiences of others.

Puerto Escondido has the tropical savanna climate prevailing. If you want to know what the average temperature in Puerto Escondido is or what time most rain or snow fall, this is the place to find it. So you are well prepared. Our average monthly climate data is based on data from the last 30 years.

Where to stay?

We took an Airbnb near La Punta, a wave very well known to surfers. I loved this location! We had very nice restaurants nearby, bars and the atmosphere was great! On the other hand, we do not share the address because it was literally not a great accommodation for the holidays but rather to party every day! On the other hand, we found many accommodations around 22 € / night for 2 people.

Explore the beaches of puerto escondido

Puerto Escondido is not packed with activities. However, you have many beaches to rest! We really discovered most of the beaches in Puerto. Therefore, I share with you my experience with my preferences! Zicatela beach is the huge beach that was near our accommodation. It is perfect for a morning walk. On the other hand, I find it a bit dangerous for swimming during the high surfing season.

Try surfing at la punta

Puerto Escondido being known for surfing, nothing better than renting a board and trying out the sport! You can find many vendors near the beaches.

Discover the lagoon of chacahua

We leave for a day excursion to the Chacahua lagoon. Located 2 hours north of Puerto Escondido, this lagoon is located in a national park full of animal and plant diversity; birds, reptiles, amphibians and different types of mangroves. The little boat trip is very pleasant to get to the beach. The place is only accessible by boat.

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