Ways to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Safe at Home

When your parents reach the age where they can no longer do things for themselves at home, it can be heart-wrenching for the entire family. It is likely that your parents are very resistant to the idea of moving to an assisted living situation. In certain situations, they may be able to continue living in their own home if some changes are made. Consider the following ideas if you are considering this option.

Modify the Home

Go through the home and make sure it is safe. Fasten down edges of rugs and see that non-skid mats are in place. Add handrails on stairways. Re-route telephone or extension cords so that they do not present tripping hazards. Install handicap bars in the bathroom and acquire a shower seat for safety in the bathroom. Rewire some of the outlets and switches so lamps can be turned on by flipping a switch. Install a senior alert system in case of a fall.

Get Some Help

When wheels on meals does not quite cut it, you may need to hire someone to come pay more frequent visits, especially as you parents lose their ability to dress or shower themselves or do their own cooking or laundry. Hauling them off to a nursing home is not necessarily the answer, when help is readily available in and can help keep them in their own home. Consider the elderly home care Massachusetts residents rely on to help care for their elderly loved ones.

Encourage Frequent Visitors

If there are family members living in the area, encourage them to call and visit elderly parents often. If not, try to find neighbors, friends or even volunteers to visit. Not only will it help aging parents to feel loved and remembered, but family members or visitiors can surmise whether these loved seniors are safe and if they are developing additional problems.

Senior parents are just people with feelings, no matter the age. They took care of and loved you through good and bad all of your life and they deserve no less than your love and concern now.

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