Wedding Tips 2020: How To Choose A Diamond Wedding Ring within Budget

How to choose an alliance, where to buy your alliance, what price does an alliance cost, how to choose your alliance, what to engrave on your alliance? Learn all about how to choose an alliance.

Where to buy your wedding ring

Advice, try before buying, to be sure of the quality of the ring, and that the ring will fit you. Indeed, even if you know your finger size, if you buy on the Internet, your ring may not fit you, or you may not like it.

We advise you to go around the jewellery stores in your neighbourhood, compare the prices and alliances offered, or use renowned jewellery stores.

How to choose your alliance

We encourage you to go around the jewellery stores, to bet on a warm and friendly welcome, and of course, to try the wedding rings on your finger.

This will give you a better idea of ​​what best suits your hand, your skin colour, your finger size. Enormous rings do not go to all hands. Gold is better suited for dark skin. A simple ring may please you in white gold and not at all in yellow gold. You may want a simple ring and finally, fall for a pretty model set with small diamonds. If you wear an engagement ring, try your wedding rings with your engagement ring, and keep the same ring colour, unless you do not want to wear the two rings together. Go for Alexander Sparks and find the best choices there.

What price does a wedding ring cost

On average, an alliance costs between 150 $ and 300 $. You will find few alliances less than 100 $ in gold, but by playing the competition and looking well, you should be able to find between 80 $ and 120 $ without much difficulty.

By adding diamonds or simply by going to see a large jeweller, your alliance can very quickly cost many hundreds of euros, or even more than 1000 $.

Yellow gold and white gold have relatively similar prices. Their price depends on the number of a carat. For a diamond, the price varies according to criteria.

For your wedding ring, you can also opt for a platinum ring, an excellent material, considered as the wedding ring as eternal, and in fact more expensive than gold. Its colour is close to silver or white gold, a little more matte.

How to Buy Engagement Ring: A Guide for Beginners

What to engrave on his alliance

You can engrave the inside of your wedding ring.

The most classic: your first names, your wedding date, or both.

More original, your nicknames in private, the date of your two marriages if the civil does not take place on the same day as the religious marriage, the first name of your children, a sentence which speaks to you “a yes for life”, for example. The only limit will be the place on the alliance, especially for Madame, if she has little fingers.

What finger is the alliance on?

The alliance is traditionally worn on the left ring finger. According to an old Egyptian tradition, the finger of this hand follows the “vein of love”, leading directly to the heart. On the wedding day, the bride will wear her engagement ring in her right hand, before putting it back with her wedding ring.

The meaning of precious stones

You may want more than just a ring and opt for a ring set with precious stones. The quality, as well as the beauty of diamonds, is defined according to four specific characteristics called the 4C. These are the different elements that will define the price and magnificence of a diamond. We therefore distinguish:

  • Carat (diamond weight)
  • Colour (the whiteness of the diamond)
  • Clarity (diamond purity)
  • Cut (the diamond cut)
  • Carats: The weight of your diamond

The carat is the unit of mass used to assess the weight of precious stones. In the world of jewellery, 0.2 grams is equivalent to 1 carat.

But how can this information help you? Well, carats greatly influence the value of diamonds. Indeed, the heavier and larger the gem, the rarer it is! For a small budget, it is, therefore, better to choose two small diamonds of 0.50 carats instead of a large diamond of 1 carat of identical quality.

However, there remains very theoretical, because, in practice, the weight does not by itself determine the value of a stone. Clarity, size or even colour can also influence the price of a diamond.

Colour: The colour of your diamond

The colour of the diamonds can vary depending on their fineness. Indeed, the high-quality stones are distinguished by their white colour while the others have yellowish colours.

This variation in hue is commonly measured on a scale from D to Z. D will then represents colourless diamonds and Z yellow diamonds. So, if you want to buy a white diamond, you will have to select a shade between D and H.

Cut: The cut of your diamond

When emerging from the ground, the rough diamond does not have the lustre typical of diamonds. It is the cutters, through their work and their meticulous size, who will offer these gems their characteristic sparkle.

Indeed, the cut of the diamond greatly influences the trajectory of the light inside the stone. A gem cut in the right proportions will, therefore, be brighter and more expensive than another.

But the cut does not only concern the quality of the size of the diamonds. It also refers to the shape given to the stones. And yes, round gems, also called brilliants, do not have a monopoly! This is why Love Rings offers you cut diamonds in the shape of princess, baguette, heart or even other sizes.

Clarity: The clarity of your diamond

Most diamonds have small imperfections (inclusions) that can influence the pricing. While most are invisible to the naked eye, it is best to refer to the purity scale to avoid unpleasant surprises. The degree of purity of a diamond is, in fact, evaluated on a scale going from Flawless (pure) to Included (multiple inclusions visible to the naked eye). A flawless diamond will, therefore, be described as flawless and will be considered rarer than another, thereby increasing its value.

For your greater satisfaction, rings offer only diamonds of high purity, without inclusions at all IF international Flawless, but also having only inclusions invisible to the naked eye VVS (minimal inclusion), or Vs (minimal inclusion).

Confidence: The 5th C

The purchase of a diamond ring is generally made during a special and unique occasion such as a marriage proposal, an important event or a wedding celebration (wedding rings). It is an expensive acquisition that requires great trust between the buyer and the seller.

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