What are the eligibility tests to become a British citizen? Do they check the person’s character?

If any people would like to be British citizenship, there are some rules and regulations to be followed. To become British citizenship, there are two major routes to be followed—first, the five-year course and three-year pathway. If you are a married person else in a civil partnership with a British citizen, you are eligible to qualify under the three-year route method. And the rest of the candidates who would expect to be a British citizen can choose the five-year route. And both the candidates should pass the b1 english test. Without knowing the country language, they will not permit another country person to have their citizenship.

How to apply the three-year route application?

It is subdivided into seven elements. Here we can see about the seven features which make you applicable to a three-year route. First, the person should be a settled person in his life, and he should have either indefinite leave or permanent address in the British countryside. But when you see the five-year route application, there you not to have ambiguous or else the permanent residential address for the person. And the second element is the person might leave the UK country legally and continuously for at least three years during the application process. When you stay for more than three years, you will be eligible to apply with the residential address as proof.

And here comes the language importance. Within three years, you should be a fluent English speaker to pass the b1 English test. And the last before is the person’s character. They would see the person’s name if any bending cases in him, they will reject the application even though he might talented in speaking. And the last element is that you have to be of a sound mind while making the application.

Are there only exams like B1 English test?

When we come to the exams, there are four steps to be followed. First, the tester should complete the beginner level of the exam, and then after passing the A1 test, which means the beginner level, he would be qualified for the advanced beginner level. Only after completing these two tests, they would be prepared for the b1 English test. Other than this still, there is an advanced level b2 test. In all of these four levels of tests, the person should prove their best at each level by listening and speaking. Here the main benefit for the tester is he could choose his topic to start their conversation.

What topics are allowed during the exams?

Choosing the topic is about the testers who wish they can speak about their sports, their country habitats, or else about their knowledge and interest in the British countryside. But the topic should contain up to 5 minutes of conversations. It should not less or more than 5 minutes with more subdivisions in it. If the examiner chooses your topic, it might be related to the festival occasions, transport facilities, or maybe entertainments.

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