What is Permanent Lipstick and How Can It Work for You?

We all love feeling our best and for some, wearing makeup is what does it for them. For those that do wear makeup, it can be tedious to put on makeup every single day. Permanent makeup or tattooed makeup is a great way to look your best no matter what and to really look great even when you do not feel like putting on makeup.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a semi-permanent, despite the name, tattoo that is used to help enhance your own looks and to make it look like you have applied makeup even if you have not. This is a tattoo that does not go as deep as a normal tattoo and that does gradually fade in most cases. With eye liner tattoos, this is going to be darker ink that is not likely to fade as much. The ink that is used with this type of tattoo is entirely safe and can enhance any feature. With tattoos like lip tattoos or permanent lipstick, this ink does fade over time but can be used to enhance your lips easily.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent or tattooed lipstick is a type of makeup that is used to help enhance the shape, the color, and the overall look of the lips. Rather than just filling in the entire lip with one solid color, most lip tattoos are used to add a slightly darker color around the edge of the lips with shading to help better define the lip line, to help enhance the overall look and shape of the lip, and to also help make the lips look larger.

This type of shading helps to enhance the contours of the lips without being too overly obvious, the goal is to make the lips look larger and shapelier without adding a ton of color that makes it obvious that you have had something done. This type of tattoo generally helps to enhance the natural color, but you can also use brighter colors that change the way your lips look and give the appearance of lipstick. The definition and color that wearing lipstick gives you is the same effect that is achieved with a permanent lipstick tattoo.

Who Can Apply Lip Tattoos and Permanent Lipstick?

This is not something that can be done in any salon or in any place. For those that want this type of tattoo or enhancement, you need to either find a salon that has a trained technician or go to a tattoo parlor that can tattoo the lips. There are some salons that have trained professionals that can apply this type of lip tattoo. The real key is to find someplace where you are happy and that you trust the technician to complete this fantastic cosmetic procedure. The Ruth Swissa team is dedicated to permanent makeup application and skilled with their technique.

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