What is the secret to card tricks and poker games?

Ultimate Marked Cards

Card games have always been one of the most favorite pastimes of people around the world. Not only card games but cards that are involved in magic tricks have also been a point of people’s concerns. People around the globe have always wondered if there is something special to these cards that are used in magic tricks or poker games. Well the answer is yes there is something special to these cards. In many pokers, game dealers and sometimes players themselves use marked cards as do the magicians in their card tricks. This phenomenon has led to the development of a whee industry where manufacturers develop different types of card games cheating devices, and the most prominent cheating device is the marked cards.

How marked cards operate in a game of poker in a magic trick?

Now if you look in the market for marked cards you are most likely to come across three basic and one or two advanced types. The basic ones include those marked cards which are either marked by a craft knife etching. Or there can be some distinct pattern or maybe some kind of different print on the back of the cards. These are the basic ones because they are visible to the naked eye. These are also more susceptible to get caught. The second type includes the one where you have to have special cheating analyzers with you. These type of Ultimate Marked Cards generally have special markings which are on them using invisible ink technology. This ensures that no one buys you with the analyzer can see it. Thus this makes up for the ultimate game for you as you are more likely to win every game using these cards.

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