What Kinds Of Buildings Are Inspected By A Commercial Building Engineer?

A commercial building is a structure that is used for profit-oriented activities. The five major types of commercial buildings are office establishments, retail or restaurant, multifamily dwellings, industrial, and healthcare structures.

Examples of commercial properties include the following:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Factories
  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Malls
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Medical Office Suites
  • Mixed-use Buildings
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Office Buildings

Commercial real estate is a solid investment. The biggest incentive to invest in commercial buildings rather than residential ones is the objective to make a profit. Depending on the geography, the present economy, and external circumstances, commercial buildings often have a higher annual return on investment by 1-4%. 

But acquiring a commercial property is costly, so it needs a lot of thought and evaluation. A commercial building inspection can help potential buyers by providing an insightful property appraisal. The evaluation can also guide future maintenance, modifications, renovations, or other initiatives.

When it comes to engaging in commercial building inspection NJ, asset managers and investors have numerous options. Engaging an engineer or architect is the primary course of action. These people have backgrounds in construction, facilities management, maintenance, and other related fields. A commercial building inspector NJ is the next alternative. They specialize in these particular properties and provide more general inspection services encompassing all aspects of the structure.

However, there are differences in the scope of each profession. A building inspector can be qualified to detect the structural defects (e.g., a crack), but they must still refer the case to a licensed engineer for additional analysis. This can be a costly and time-consuming step in the inspection process. Hiring a commercial building engineer in the first place can save clients’ money and time in the long run.

Here is an infographic from Lockatong Engineering discussing more on commercial building engineers and where to find them.


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