What makes Redmi 6A different from its competitors?


Xiaomi has been dominating every smartphone field for the past few years. There are many smartphone brands which have been dethroned since the arrival of Xiaomi is the smartphone field. The quality of the product provided by Xiaomi at such an affordable price is commendable and praiseworthy. Talking about Redmi 6A, it is one of the best lower mid-range smartphones now. This is because of the features provided by this budget smartphone at just 6000 INR. There are many features that make this budget smartphone different from its competitors. Let’s take a deeper view of this topic.

● Brand value

Well, you cannot deny that Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone brands right now. Due to the consistent release of decent smartphones at a reasonable price, the value of Xiaomi is increasing at a tremendous rate. This makes Xiaomi a major lookout brand in the market. Therefore, talking about this budget smartphone, it’s competitors are somehow behind. This is because of the lack of features and also the brand value of Xiaomi. This is one of the major points of difference between this budget smartphone and its competitors in its market.

● New exciting features

Well, there is a tradition where budget smartphones do not have many great features just because they are affordable. This was broken by Xiaomi, where must need features were introduced in their budget smartphones at a reasonable price. With this budget smartphone, features like huge 3000mAh battery, 13mp front camera with LED flash, and also a decent 5mp front camera and many more are available. Well, there are many more to name, but these are not available in every budget smartphone in its range. These are the major features that differ this smartphone by Redmi from others in its range.

● Efficient service provided after-sale

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone brands right now. The reputation it carries with its brand is quite good and should be carried in the next coming years. The after-sale service provided by Xiaomi is quite impressive and very responsive. You can call on their customer care and get haptic feedback in some hours. Also, if you give your smartphone in any gallery for repairing, you would get it fixed in some days. The waiting period for their service is very low. Therefore, this is also a major point of difference between this budget smartphone and others.

● Value for money 

The competitors of this budget smartphone by Xiaomi does not provide fresh popular features with affordable price. Well, the value for money provided by Redmi’s this device is very commendable. For this range of smartphones, no great features are provided. This is because of the low cost of the device. Xiaomi’s mid-range devices have always been top-notch and very efficient for any time of use. For 6000 INR, you cannot expect such great features, but with Xiaomi, their preferences are different. Customer satisfaction is a major goal for Xiaomi with this budget smartphone. Therefore, this also differs from this smartphone from other devices. We hope that this article will provide you the necessary information needed.

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