What People Need To Know About 15 Inch Powered Subwoofers

15 inch powered subwoofers are known to many. At least the fact that they exist. People hear the term a 15 inch powered subwoofer and interpret it literally. Someone will immediately relate it to a prominent speaker. People usually know that subwoofers are responsible for the bass in music systems. However, it is more than that. There are several dynamics when it comes to 15 inch powered subwoofers. Especially for a person who is looking to purchase one, there is plenty to be known. Here are some key things to know about 15 inch powered subwoofers.


Subwoofers have a wide range of uses. People can hear the bass from their floor standing speakers and bookshelves. However, the subwoofer will allow a person to feel the sound. Subwoofers take people to another dimension, feeling the bass and throttle fully. For hip-hop and EDM lovers, subwoofers come in handy. This also applies to those in love with film, giving a cinema effect at the comfort of people’s homes. The basic functionality of subwoofers is sound enhancement. 

An advantage of 15 inch powered subwoofers is that they have an amplifier built into them. This makes them release more power compared to passive speakers. The subwoofers help to take the weight off other speakers, increasing overall performance. They can be a valuable addition to anyone looking to have them. 15-inch powered speakers can also be used as PA systems. They are widely used for this purpose and serve it well. Those looking for a PA system can use it in this manner.

Average Pricing

If a person wants a 15 inch powered subwoofer, then they are in luck. The average prices are not too much. Depending on the brand, the prices vary. However, a goon powered subwoofer of 15-inches can be purchased at a range of $250 and $400. With such a range, serious music lovers see that there are plenty of reasons to buy the subwoofers.

With its various uses, buying the speakers at this range is reasonable. A person will also enjoy the benefits of the speakers for long periods of time. 15-inch subwoofers are usually durable due to their size and functionality. With a good savings plan, anyone looking to purchase the speakers will be able to do so comfortably.

Comparison to 12-inch Powered Subwoofers

One of the significant points of confusion is the comparison of 15-inch powered speakers to that of 12-inch powered speakers. A question that is commonly asked is which is better. However, it can be firmly said that there is no answer to this question. It all goes down to preference. The two, due to their difference in size, will be able to emit different frequencies. Due to people’s different needs, the 12-inch and 15-inch variants are both excellent and will be loved differently by different people. If unsure, it is good to give both a test run. With that, one will be able to know what they want and which will suit them best.

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