What Singaporeans Can Bet On Through Singapore Pools 


The sports betting and gambling industry are legal and popular in many Asian countries like Singapore. Along with the fame of sports betting and gambling, SG online casino is also becoming more famous to many bettors out there.

The Common Gaming Act and the Betting Act regulate sports betting and gambling in Singapore. Through domestically licensed operators Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, Singaporeans can play casino games and place their bets. However, their choice of sports that they can bet on is limited. Here is a list of sports that Singaporeans can place bets on through Singapore Pools.


Football is the most popular game worldwide, and Singaporean bettors are also in on the game as much as other bettors from different parts of the world. There are numerous sports events to bet on as multiple football leagues are held worldwide, such as English Premier League and La Liga. The global popularity of football makes it possible for bettors to place their bets on football matches, even on slow days.


Motorsports is another exciting sports option for many Singaporeans. Betting on motor racing mainly focuses on the points scored, the winners, and the finishing position. A wide range of selection of motorsport betting are also offered where bettors can place bets on rally cars, dirt bikes, or Formula 1 races, depending on their preference.

Horse Racing

Horse betting has been around for a long time, and many bettors are familiar with that exciting and heart-pounding feeling of their bet’s last-minute charge to take the lead. Betting on Singapore horse racing live can hook many bettors for an exciting sports betting experience.

For more information on sports that Singaporeans can bet on through Singapore Pools, here is an infographic created and designed by CM2Bet.

What Singaporeans can Bet on Through Singapore Pools – Infographic

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