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What Type of Maid Insurance Coverage Should You Go For?

Maid insurance coverage is a warm subject in Singapore as there have to do with 250,000 housemaids, additionally known as foreign domestic workers or FDW in Singapore as of 2018. For you, we various a checklist of some best housemaid insurances in Singapore. We contrast them on the basis of price and level of insurance coverage.

Lots of FDWs play a vital duty in the family, aiding to care for elderly parents as well as running family efficiently.

Housemaid Insurance Coverage Requirements

Each company must get medical insurance as well as individual mishap insurance policy for their house. The Ministry of Manpower needs companies to offer at least medical insurance coverage of S$15,000 per year for inpatient treatment as well as day surgery, as well as personal mishap coverage of S$60,000 will cover unexpected as well as unanticipated occurrences leading to long-term handicap or death. FDW insurance in Singapore is typically supplied in the mix with a safety and security bond of S$5,000.

Lots of Singapore families are not familiar with the different sorts of FDW insurance policies; as a result of the ease, they count on the arrangement provided by the housemaid agency. Learn all that you require to understand about a housemaid Insurance policy.

Selecting your own policy ensures the insurance coverage you purchase would be the optimal coverage for your housemaid. Now the inquiry is how to get excellent insurance coverage as well as the finest housemaid insurance policy in Singapore without a financial concern?

HL Assurance Singapore is one of the most inexpensive housemaid Insurance policy plans. If you are restricted from the budget, then choose the Insurance market’s maid plan with a chance to obtain 40% off.

An excellent value strategy with wonderful protection with all promos included, the mid-tier maid insurance stands out with a cost of around S$ 204.40 for 26 months.

With a reduced protection amount, it uses some remarkable advantages.

  • Personal crash and fatality protection S$70,000.
  • Accidental Medical Expenditures S$3,000.
  • Healthcare Facility, as well as Surgical Expenses S$15,000 Annually.
  • Third-Party Liability S$10,000.
  • Unique Give of S$ 2,000.
  • Residential assistant’s responsibility coverage S$7,500.
  • Each day Daily Wages Payment S$30.


  • Leading worth plans.
  • The least expensive plan on the market.
  • For those without the demand for high protection levels.


It does not provide extensive medical as well as responsibility protection.


Housemaid Insurance policy plan provides the very best worth for your money as well as gives health insurance coverage. It gives protection against unforeseen costs like employing or restoring housemaid’s job license. The insurance additionally supplies clinical insurance defense as well as the crash cover. The business provides a protection bond on the client’s part to the Ministry of Manpower.

For 26-month protection, the strategy costs S$238.29 that is 20%, the ordinary market rate for basic level policies. The fringe benefits supplied by this policy are covered for your items of your maid, coverage of liability and approximately S$3,000 of insurance coverage if your maid does any harm to you or members of your family members.

A few other distinct benefits:

The company is among the few that supply a full premium reimbursement in case an employer terminates an assistant’s contract within the initial three months.

The only insurance provider that offers clinical insurance coverage for illness-related expenses past crashes and a hospital stay.

Overall, FDW insurance coverage is a fantastic alternative for people employing maid services for the first time. A balanced clinical and non-medical protection on a budget.

Want just to satisfy the minimum demands stated by MoM; you can get such policies too. These FDW insurance strategies fulfill the Ministry of Manpower’s need for Personal Accident, Protection Bond, as well as hospital stay and surgical expenditures. The strategy is best for those who have a small budget as well as do not want to purchase a costly policy. Buy this 26-month coverage policy at S$227.38 from the Insurance policy market to stop your pursuit.

Advantages offered by these types of plans:

  • Quick turnaround.
  • Accidental Medical Expenses S$1,000.
  • Personal mishap, as well as death coverage S$ 60,000.
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenditures S$15,000 Each Year.
  • Repatriation costs S$10,000.


  • The very same day, transmission to MOM.
  • Immediate recommendation.


  • No cover for third-party responsibility.
  • No cover for daily salary settlement.

The package not just offers the benefits as required by the Ministry of Manpower; however, it additionally consists of coverage that will ensure your FDW is well taken care of. The plus variable of this policy is: it covers the housemaid’s personal items as well as provides a unique grant advantage. Acquire this one of the best housemaid insurance policy in Singapore at the expense of S$267.50 for 26 months.

Benefits supplied:

  • Personal Crash: Fatality S$60,000.
  • Health Center as well as Surgical Expenditures S$15,000 pea.
  • Crucial health problems S$2,500.
  • Recuperation Advantages $1,200.
  • Replacement Benefit S$350.
  • Third-Party Liability S$5,000.
  • Repayment Benefit, Incomes, Wage Payment, and Levy Repayment S$30.
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