Why does the Queen have two birthdays every year?

In this article, we will talk about why does the Queen have and celebrate two birthdays together. Also, we will talk about how the Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee in the UK.

How did the Queen celebrate her Silver Jubilee?

In the year 1977, Queen Elizabeth had officially fulfilled her silver Jubilee for becoming the Queen. She had ghosted parties in the UK and also the commonwealth countries which she used to rule. She had also surprised many people who were visiting the UK for exploring.

She gave them a tour of the palace and also she gave them some signed goodies for free. Not only did she did this for the tourists, but she also did this for the people of the UK. The celebration had made a boost in the popularity of the Queen at that time. People used to like her even more, and she used to do everything in the interest of the people.

During the completion of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, she had unveiled two secrets. The Queen’s surveyor was found to be a communist spy and was hanged to death. Also, there was the assignation of Lord Mount Batten by the Irish republic army.

Many people thought that Elizabeth was not fit to be a Queen and she would take all the wrong decisions. But she never came under the influence of someone and always followed what her heart said. She followed what her mother and father believed and taught her how to rule a kingdom. She used to survey the condition of the UK herself and then make new laws.

The Queens birthday is celebrated on 21 April every year, and she also keeps a celebration for the public. On her silver jubilee, she had invited the leaders of the G7 to meet and enjoy together with the Queen. Along with that, there was the celebration of the Silver Jubilee in the whole of the UK.

Why does the Queen celebrate two birthdays?

The Queen Always celebrated two birthdays. One is in honour of her parents and one of herself. She keeps a public party when she is celebrating her father birthday with hers.

She celebrates her own birthday privately with the members of the Royal family. She also celebrates her birthday with the people present in the palace, let it be workers and chefs etc. She thinks that everyone should be treated equally, and hence she is known to be a great leader.

She keeps her birthday on different days like the first Monday in June, the second Thursday in June etc. The Queens thinks that it is a tradition which she has to follow and keep two birthdays.

During her father’s birthday, she has kept a holiday for everyone in honour of him. There are also different countries which celebrate the birthday of the Queen. Australia, New Zealand, UK and many other countries ruled and supported by the Queen is celebrated. She keeps switching her birthday from Saturday to Monday and sometimes even to Thursday.

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