Why Freight Forwarding Software is Important for Freight Operations?

Given the tumultuous times that the global economy is facing today, the risk associated with supply chains are continuously changing as well. As economies continue to shake as a response to all the global risks that we are experiencing, for freight forwarders as well, the risk of losing their clientele and also not being able to secure new ones, runs high.

To combat this, turning to technology and using freight management software as an effective tool can help. It is no secret that supply chains today need more digital intervention and efficiency, hence businesses that are willing to put in the extra effort and leverage the right kind of software, will emerge victorious, and see their business grow.

To this end, let us take a look at why freight forwarding software is so important for freight operations:

  • Helps You With the Simplification of Your Freight Management Processes: With the freight management system, you can shift your focus more on the core of your business that is to accelerate your shipment deliveries. With the help of the right software, a lot of your processes can be automated ranging from warehouse location to the allocation of the shipping mode, to finding an alternate shipment rout that is cheaper for delivering your goods. The bottom line is that using a freight forwarding software can help you in simplifying a lot of your decision-making.
  • Reducing Your Operating-Costs: When you are granted access to instantaneous decision-making processes, regarding the where’s and how’s of your goods being shipped, it speeds up the entire cycle for you as a freight forwarder. Hence technology can help you in saving upon your operational costs by using cost-effective routes as well as the best carrier rates.
  • No Need For Paperwork: Older, traditional methods of freight forwarding, meant that you would have to file tons of paperwork – be it for customs officials or invoice generation, with the aid of freight logistics software, paperwork has now become obsolete. This means that you will now have time to focus on business improvement as opposed to dwelling on paperwork.
  • Real-Time Analytics: With the integration of various processes that are involved in freight forwarding, logistics ERP software can help you by providing new insights in real-time which enhances your capacity for quick decision-making.
  • Tracking of Shipments in Real-Time: When you talk about shipments, there is always a possibility of losing your freight or it even being stolen via high seas or a remote land route. With the integration of GPS on your freight vehicles, you can track all your shipments with the help of a freight logistics software in real-time. This means that you will have access to the whereabouts of your freight at any given point of time, and in case of any mishap, it can also help you with your insurance claims.
  • Enhanced CRM Capabilities: Ever since CRM has become an integral part of the supply chain as it contributes to the entire operations process ranging from sales prospecting, to quotes, finance, as well as the optimization of logistics. Having the right CRM for freight forwarders hence, goes a long way in making sure that issues like multiple data entry, supply chain visibility, integrated information, customer service monitoring, project status, etc. are all managed in the most optimized manner. Having access to complete customer data offers better operations management opportunities as the utilization of uniform information for reportage and any sort of oversight can be managed without having to look into additional data.

Logistics ERP software helps in strategizing, organizing as well as the executing of various operations pertaining to transportation and the timely delivery of the shipments to the final destination. With the help of the latest developments in technology, access to the right software can help companies in enhancing their overall operations all the while offering maximum benefits to the consumers. By integrating operations across various locations and other functions like streamlining of documents, controlling revenues, and also expense regulation, the right freight management software has become indispensable for optimizing freight operations.

To know more about how you can leverage logistics software for streamlining your operations, reach out to us at ShipThis and we will provide you with a free demo.

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