Want to have a break from your busy schedule? Want to experience the beauty of Silvassa while enjoying a comfortable staycation? Just book a resort in Silvassa. Silvassa is a town that is 180 km away from Mumbai on the riverbank of Daman Ganga near the border of Gujarat. Many people think of booking a resort as a highly expensive option. But they are not aware of the fact that there are also budget-friendly resorts in Silvassa. Gio through the article and know yourself the reasons for staying at resorts in silvassa.

  • Luxurious staycation: Most of the resorts in Silvassa offer a luxurious stay to their guests. The hospitality staff here is well-trained and experienced in providing professional services to the visitors whenever demanded. You don’t need to worry about any of your chores, all will be done by the resort’s staff members. The only thing you have to do is enjoy your staycation. You will have the most comfortable stay here and will be provided with royal treatment. The city is home to the best to average resorts. If you want to have more fun then go for the top ones.
  • 24/7 security: Resorts are well known for providing safe staycations to their guests. Most resorts are spread over acres of land and it is usually difficult for the housekeeping staff to provide security to the valuable belongings of the customers. Therefore, special security staff is hired by these resorts so that they can keep patrol on the entire property for the entire day and night. CCTV cameras are installed in the whole premises and if there is any mishappening then the security team is always ready for dispatch.
  • Wide variety in cuisine: In Silvassa, several resorts are here that offer a wide range of cuisine along with local dishes. The resorts always have something for everyone, whether it’s Mexican, Continental, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or any other traditional cuisine. You can be sure that you will not starve during your entire trip. You will not have to leave the premises to have something delicious. You will be provided an entire buffet to chew on. The food services here are available 24/7. Whenever you feel hungry even at late night you can order the food as per your choice.
  • An exotic location: Resorts are always located at an exotic location whether it’s between the hills, amidst the nature of lush green forests, or along with the beaches. Resorts in Silvassa are also located at the prime location of the city. When staying at a resort, every morning you will be waking up to the mesmerizing and peaceful scenic view. Also, most resorts provide onsite services. This means that every facility such as banking, doctor, spa, or gym will be available within the premises.
  • Comfortable suites or rooms: The rooms and suites in the resorts are designed in such a way that offers a cozy atmosphere to the customers. Here the bedrooms are much bigger and comfortable than the hotels. Proper cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. Spreadsheets of the bed are changed daily and trash is also emptied by the housekeeping staff. The bathroom here provides lavishing and relaxing experience. You can decide to live in a suite or room according to your budget.
  • Stress-free experience: Many people desire to escape from their boring routine and have a relaxing and stress-free experience for some time. An exotic and lavish resort allows you to do the same. Most resorts offer an all-inclusive package. Now you don’t have to spend your money every time you go for meals or activities. You just have to pay once and you can enjoy all the amenities and facilities without any stress. Now you don’t need to worry about maintaining your budget during the entire trip as you will already know the cost of booking the all-inclusive resort beforehand.
  • Homely atmosphere: the main aim of resorts in Silvassa is to provide a homely atmosphere to their guests. These resorts are perfect for ones who wish to maintain their ordinary schedules during the entire vacation. Everything here is planned in a way to provide necessary privacy and space to the visitors. The suites are designed with all basic amenities such as a private playing area, entertainment section, dining option, hot tub, or pool. If you want to chill in the comfort of your room then you can do so.
  • Numerous amenities: The resort here offers numerous amenities that an average hotel can offer. Silvassa resorts are popular for providing every possible amenity you ever think of. Starting from a private pool to hot tubs, private dining options, waterpark, in-house cardio gym, gaming, relaxing spa-treatment, delicious course meals, a play area for fun, different playing activities, and many more. Some resorts even organize live music and dance concerts in the nighttime that are a delight to watch. The resorts not only provide entertainment to the young people but also offer for children as well.
  • Exotic architecture: The resorts in Silvassa have a backdrop of the local taste and culture. The Exterior and interiors of the resorts are designed in such a way that it provides the hint of the lifestyle in Silvassa. Some resorts even have an area dedicated to the local folklore gracefully blended with modern decor adding exotic charm and charisma to the property. The texture and furnishings from the reception area to the rooms is so fancy that it brings a twinkle to the eyes. The infrastructure is so classy and elegant that it catches the eye of the visitors when entering the property.

Final Thoughts 

The best part of staying at resorts in Silvassa is that you will get all the amenities you ever thought of. There will be a professional staff to take care of all your chores. You will be having a comfortable and relaxing time during your entire staycation. Now that we have provided the reasons for staying at resorts in silvassa, it is your turn to choose the best one for having a memorable staycation.

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