15 Ideas to Reuse Empty Candle Jars

Do you throw out the glass containers after the candle has melted? Well, STOP! We have 15 ways you can reuse empty candle jars. Clean them up and take notes. Here are some ideas and tutorials to help you up cycle the versatile pieces in your house.

  1. Succulent Terranium

Bower Energy provided us with a lot more inspiration for this succulent terrarium DIY. You can remove any wax from larger glass candle jars and make something similar. You can even use small pieces in creative clusters to brighten up your house.

  1. Makeup Essentials

Do you need some ideas to organize your vanity? It’s possible to clean out your old candle jars, and put them to good use

  1. Memories of Vacation

You can make memory jars instead of photo albums for your favorite moments in life, such as vacations, weddings and birthdays.

  1. Seasonal Decor

They can be turned into funky decor. You can use tops already on the jars to make them into cute decor. You can make snowflakes, small snow globes or lemon slices for fall, as shown in this Dwell Beautiful photo.

  1. Pantry Organization

The Aussie Candle Supplies with secure lids are great for your pantry. This brilliant idea was discovered while browsing inspiration, and we had to grab it for our readers. This is a great way for your kitchen to look its best.

  1. Hair Bands

You can also keep your hair bands organized with a smaller candle container. This is a must-have. How many times have you lost a ponytail holder and never found it again? This small tip will help you keep your essentials from disappearing.

  1. Halloween Candy

Old candle jars can be used to create beautiful displays of treats and candy. This could be used for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even Easter.

  1. Tea Station

You can use old candle jars to store your tea.

  1. Desk Tidying

You can make your old glass containers into desk organizers by using the ones that you used to store your favorite candle. This will be a great project that you can take on, and it will really help out at the office.

  1. Spice Rack

Use the containers to make a spice rack! This idea was inspired by Tasty. It’s a simple DIY. Follow the simple tutorial to make sure you have smaller jars.

  1. Cupcake Liners

They can also hold cupcake liners very well. The jars can be used to organize your baking supplies. You can store sprinkles and other decorative items in no time. Thank you for the tip Deign to Eat Repeat

  1. Craft Storage

Dwell has many great ideas. Here’s another. You can store all your crafting supplies in this container. You can store everything from stamps to scraps of paper, and organize your craft supplies inside.

  1. Photo frames

Transformed glass containers into photo frames, and we love the unique result. This can be done with any type of jar, but we prefer candle ones. We’d love to see your finished product!

  1. Lotion jars

You will need containers to store your beauty products if you are interested in making your own. We were inspired by this lotion recipe from Live Simply and we couldn’t stop thinking about it. You could use some of the smaller candle jars to store your product.

  1. Flower Vases

You will need containers to store your beauty products if you are interested in making your own. You could use some of the smaller candle jars to store your product.

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