7 best footwear to look for this summer!

Every person who has stepped on this planet intends to protect their feet from the direct UV Rays impact, dust, and water, which leads to the feeling of your chappals turning damp. No person can truly walk the streets barefoot for a long time. People want to protect their feet from such an abomination situation. Buy chappals that always protect your and your loved ones’ feet in and out. Chappals do play a truly essential role. Not just when it comes to the feet section of your body to be dealt with but also your overall movement and functionality. Efficient models always come in handy, supporting your body posture and allowing you to stand at a protected and balanced location. Chappals are suitable for all attires while choosing the perfect pair matching your wardrobe collection. 

There are many benefits that a good pair of chappals offer us, like chappals are one of a kind when you consider breathability as the top feature during your purchase. A warm climate and chappals with maximum breathability go hand in hand. But the breadth of the straps needs to be checked out since if it doesn’t appropriately fit the user, then the user may simply have to go through a phase where blisters would impact, shoe bites, and even slipping over surfaces.

Below are 7 types of chappals you can add to your summer collection.

  1. Casual chappals – This pitch-black strappy chappal is created for men who are constantly on the move. The sole sturdy material resists indeed the roughest of roads. In addition, the softened straps offer superior comfort levels.
  2. Fisherman chappals – The pair encloses the toe and is preferred by men on a considerable scale. They presumably get the name from the pathways allowing water flow outwards. With a softened footbed and a leather upper portion, this footwear is designed to be durable. 
  3. Strappy chappals – The rubber sole’s weight can be compared to a feather. The straps are not hurt your skin. Jump in, glide into these and fasten them with the available velcro.
  4. Camouflage Wide Fit chappals – The camo print has been one of the favourites for men’s chappals. They are considered to be one of the greatest of all time. While all of us may own a pair of them already,  The TPR sole has been created to be super durable and the breadth provided to the wearer, covering the optimal amount of the feet. The print that camo design offers shall always be a top competitor for the new and the old ones in the market.
  5. Slip-on chappals – The slip-on chappals have been created with a soft footbed that holds your feet upright and stiff when put to work. Most of them come with a steel buckle on the leather strap, offering a sporty look. 
  6. Cross Strap – Turn a boring trip into a happening experience by wearing this pair of Cross Strap Slip-on chappals. The dark-coloured chappals are perfect for short-duration trips.
  7. Gladiator – The pair is a modern replica of the classic gladiator chappals preferred by men in the earlier days. This footwear is designed with a single, wide strip and can be opted in a while, considering the most power-packed attire for the day.


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