4 Best Makeup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Wedding is the most special day in a girl’s life. Every girl aspires of being the perfect bride and tying the knots of love with her soulmate. Dressed in red adorned in her bridal ensemble a bride is considered as the epitome of beauty and grace. Makeup is what creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride. Over the years the concept of bridal makeup has undergone through transformation. Traditional bridal makeup has become a talk of the past. Modern weddings are about following the makeup trends.

 Revolutionizing the concept of makeup the beauty industry has roped in several makeup trends over the years. The makeup trend is what accentuates the look of the bride adding on uniqueness to it. Are you getting hitched soon in Chandigarh? You must be then have booked the top makeup artist in Kolkata for your wedding. Are you inquest of makeup trends that would add uniqueness to your bridal look? To help you out we present a list of the best makeup trends for this year’s wedding season. Here have a look brides.

  1. Smoky Eyes

 The secretive look attained with the smoky eye makeup is why it has garnered popularity. The smoky eye makeup look gets magnifition with the addition of colors. The colored smoky eyes makeup look gives a bold appearance. It defines the sharp features of the bride adding on to her beauty. If you want your eye makeup to be unique then you can consider giving the dark grey eye shadow makeup paired with charcoal combination a try. Breaking the monotony of the traditional glittery eye makeup this look sets you apart from the league. If you’re having a summer wedding then colors like coral, bronze, peach and pink work well whereas for a winter wedding darker shades work the magic. Accentuate the look by complimenting t with bold lip colors.

  1. Soft Dewy Makeup

Tired of the traditional heavy makeup looks? Then why not give the subtle and classic soft dewy makeup a try. The dewy makeup look is attained by applying a light foundation, bold winged eyeliner and pink lip color which makes the bride to appear radiant and beautiful. Breaking the stereotyped norm of heavy bridal makeup the soft dewy makeup look is a breather for the brides and it compliments any outfit.

  1. Dual Lip color

Single bright lip color has become a talk of the past. This year’s wedding season is about offbeat look such as the dual lip color. A dual tone of the neutral lip shades such as red, cherry and brown gives an impressive and visually appealing look. A style statement, the dual lip color gives the appearance of softer lips.

  1. Retro Eyeliner

The charm of the retro makeup look has caused it to make a comeback this wedding season. The highlight of the retro makeup is the eyeliner which had given rise to winked eye look. Have you always wanted to look like a diva? Then here is your chances give the winked eyeliner paired with the long strokes on the eyelashes a try. The retro eyeliner adds more depth to the eyes.

So these are a few trending makeup looks for this wedding season. Which makeup look is your favourite. Tell us about your choice in the comments below.


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