4 Things You Must Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Denver

You must seek medical assistance immediately– your health is of utmost importance and you should not joke with it. No matter how minor the accident was, it is important to seek medical help and not overlook it because the symptoms, to you, don’t seem to be serious. Some damages caused cannot be known except when checked by a doctor. Delaying this can cause permanent damage which will come up later in life. To prevent this, it is advised that you allow doctors to run tests and admit you into the hospital ward if necessary. Doing this will also help your Denver motorcycle accident attorney while handling your case.

File a police report– immediately the accident happens; police will in most cases come down to the scene of the accident to get your statement. In a case where you had to be rushed to the hospital and cannot talk, after regaining your senses. File a police report immediately. This is very necessary for you to explain in detail what happened. Who else was present when it happened and any information you have of the motorist. It will also speed up the legal process which will be taken by your Denver motorcycle accident attorney.

Contact an attorney to represent you- An attorney who is skilled in handling cases like this should be contacted. Your Denver motorcycle attorney will let you know how the case will go revealing how much you will be compensated in damages following the doctor’s reports and test carried out. He will also be able to pursue the case with enough evidence since you already gave your report to the police, which will aid the investigation process.

Do not sign any document without your attorney present- it is very crucial that you give no statement, answer no questions or speak to an insurance company or the motorist company without your Denver motorcycle accident attorney present. This could prove to be fatal. Documents signed could contain a waiver for your compensation so it is best your attorney handles them. It could also be written with a legal terms that may be confusing to you but not to your attorney. You could also be tricked to agree to a lesser amount than you deserve to be compensated with. If anyone wants you to sign a check, note, or document, tell them you want to call your attorney.

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