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4 Types of Storage Bed Frame Options in Singapore

Storage beds are a great way to maximise space in a small home, such as a condo or HDB unit. These beds offer additional storage options, helping you keep your room organised. Their main bed frame can also hold any mattress you need, from a regular one to a mattress for back problems. If you’re interested in buying a storage bed, you may feel intimidated by the choices available, but don’t worry. Here are the four types of storage beds you can buy to pick the best one that suits your needs.

1. Storage Bed with Drawer

These types of beds come with built-in drawers underneath the mattress. This storage bed frame from Singapore has drawers usually on wheels, so pulling them out would feel seamless and easy. You can use this space to access clothes, bedding, or other knick-knacks that don’t have room for them anywhere else.

2. Lift-Up Bed

The lift-up bed allows you to raise the mattress from the bed frame, revealing a storage compartment. While it initially looks intimidating, you don’t have to lift the mattress manually, thanks to its hydraulic lift system. It is an excellent storage bed frame from Singapore for easy access to their stored items without pulling out drawers.

3. Storage Bed with Cabinets

Some storage beds come with built-in cabinets on the sides or at the foot of the bed. You can use these cabinets to store shoes, books, or other items. If you choose one with a cabinet on the sides of the bed, it can double as a side table for you to put your lamp and alarm clock. It’s also better for those who need a mattress for lower back pain since these cabinets are easy to access without bending.

4. Pull-Out Bed

Some storage beds come with a pull-out bed underneath the main mattress. It’s the best option for those who need to share their bedroom with a roommate or family member. You can also reserve it for guests instead. While some pull-out beds have a mattress already included when you purchase them, some require you to get one from a mattress store first.

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