5 Air Travel Health Tips for Delhiites to Follow

India has been recording high daily COVID-19 cases. Delhi has also not been spared by the spread of coronavirus. However, if you need to travel, it is possible to have a safe journey by taking some proactive safety measures.

If you need to travel via Delhi to Raipur flights, consider a reliable airline. The best one will be equipped with surgical masks, gloves and contactless thermometers. Further, the cabin crew will always wear PPE to ensure utmost safety. Further, HEPA filters can trap 99% particulates, including coronavirus. These can minimise the chances of transmission.

Here’s a look at how else Delhiites can ensure safety in flights.

1.     COVID-19 Testing

While taking Varanasi to Delhi flights back home, you must get a COVID test done. Nasal and throat swab samples are collected and packed in a triple layered concealed container for transportation.. This way you can feel safer about your health. Don’t forget to remove all personal protective equipment worn during sample collection.

2.     Luggage Sanitization

Delhi airport mandatorily sanitizes the check-in baggage before allowing passengers to the premises. So, before booking your Delhi to Dehradun flights, try not to skip the process. Ultraviolet tunnels were initially installed outside departure terminals. However, these have been shifted inside to avoid manual loading and unloading. Flyers can directly go to the bag drop counter and the inline system ensures automatic disinfection of luggage.

3.     Use Contactless Facilities

One of the best ways to ensure good health while travelling is minimal contact. Previously the baggage tag stations were touch-friendly. However, Common Use Self Service Kiosks (CUSS) responds to mobile interactions. All you need to do is scan your boarding pass at the barcode scanner. The tags are printed automatically without having to operate the buttons. This is an ideal way to lower the chances of transmission. Read all the instructions carefully before booking your Bhubaneshwar to Delhi flights back home.

4.     Avoid Touching Your Face

Airports have several high touch surfaces. You might need to hold the handrails or use doorknobs. Be careful to not touch your mouth, eyes or nose after this. Whether you are travelling to the destination or boarding a Varanasi to Delhi flight to head back home, remain cautious.

5.     Inform the Authorities

In case you see someone who seems to be sick or is complaining about fever or even mentions that they have recently been in contact with infected people, it is best to inform the airport authorities. While airports and airlines are extremely cautious to follow the strictest guidelines, you should be vigilant too.

You, too, must avoid travelling if you have fever or other coronavirus symptoms. The good news is that top airlines offer easy modification of travel dates or even cancellation within 24 hours.

Most airlines are taking stringent measures to welcome Delhiites to the skies. Adhere to the guidelines and take utmost personal precautionary measures to stay safe while travelling.

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