5 Fun Ideas To Celebrate Your Teen’s College Acceptance

If your teen just got into college, congratulations! Their achievements should be celebrated after years of hard work and school. As a parent, it’s important that you highlight their accomplishments after providing them with your support. Here are five fun ideas to celebrate your child’s college acceptance.

1. Host a celebratory dinner.

This is an absolute must! Your teen deserves to have their favorite meal after working so hard and getting into college. If you want to make it extra special, go all out! Have them choose every course on the menu. Print it out on special cardstock and give every guest placeholders. Name the event after them and their college of choice. Hang up some decorations highlighting their new school and make fake high school diploma place mats. This is a budget-friendly way to celebrate their achievements.

2. Throw a party.

If you really want to highlight their accomplishments, throw a party. Invite friends and family members to share the experience. It’s important that you make the most of these moments. Before long, they’ll be out of the nest and in the real world. So, take the time you have together and relish in all the fun you can have while they’re still living at home. Have your teen sit in a king throne chair, make them feel like royalty, and acknowledge their strengths as a student and as a family member.

3. Decorate their car or their bedroom.

Your teen has done the dirty work. They’ve studied, gotten good grades, used the best college counseling services, and earned high test scores. Now, it’s time for them to sit back, enjoy their accomplishments, and try to make the most of their last year in school with their childhood friends. It would be a fun idea to surprise them with some fun decorations. Use washable window markers and share your congratulations on their car. Or, you can have them come home to college flags and banners in their bedroom. It’s a fun way to show that you’re proud of them.

4. Take them out on a shopping spree.

What kid doesn’t want to have a shopping spree? Perhaps they’ve been coveting a new college wardrobe or some fun gadgets for school. It’s a great time to reward them with something they’ve been coveting. Instead of just buying them what they want whenever they want, having a reason for the gift makes them feel like it’s well earned. This is a great way to both teach them a lesson and reward them for getting into their dream school. Plus, once your teen is a full-blown adult, you won’t get too many chances to spoil them anymore.

5. Have a photoshoot.

It’s important to solidify this special time. A great way to do that is by having a photoshoot dedicated to their achievement. Getting into college is a big deal! And it’s a moment that should be celebrated appropriately. Commemorate the occasion with plenty of photos and videos so that your teen feels a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they can look back on the photoshoot when they’re older. While they might roll their eyes now, they’ll be grateful that you did it years down the road when they’re feeling nostalgic.

There’s no better feeling than watching your child achieve some of life’s biggest milestones. Their personal growth is all a result of their own hard work as well as your support. When they get into their dream school, it’s a big deal considering their struggles with standardized testing, time management, and navigating the competitive admissions process. Before they head off to college in the fall, make it a summer to remember.

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