5 Life Lessons Strippers Can Teach You

When you think of role models, strippers wouldn’t be the first to spring to mind. However, there is no denying that Melbourne strippers know how to make money with what little they have. Strippers know how to use their bodies and their sexuality to make a lot of money. Strippers are consummate professionals. They will not let anything mess up their livelihood. There are some important life lessons that people can learn from strippers.

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  • Negotiation

A good stripper does not go into a business deal with her eyes closed. She knows what she is worth and states her price with confidence. She is a maverick at negotiations. She always makes sure she has the upper hand but is never unreasonable. 

If you are in business, you always need to stand your ground. But strippers show that you can still be flexible without giving away your power. A good businessman always has to make sure that whatever happens is on his own terms. You need to be amenable to suggestions. The main reason for entering into negotiations is to arrive at an end that both parties can be happy with – just make sure you get the most out of the process. 

The same rules that exist in the business world can be applied in the bedroom. In a relationship, you should be able to state what it is you want. Different Melbourne strippers may approach the business of stripping differently but the basics are always the same.

  • Using Your Sexuality

This is for the ladies. It is a fact that a stripper uses her sexuality to make money. The more she struts her naked body on stage or performs impossible pole moves, the more attention she draws. More attention means more money. 

There has been a lot of discourse about how beauty pageants and strip clubs objectify women. Women who are comfortable in their own skin and have a deeper awareness of “body” biopics do not let this phase them. They use their sexuality to wield power just like men use their masculinity to discriminate and intimidate. 

  • Having Back-up 

In the cutthroat world of business, it is useful to have some backup. Strippers are realising the value of seeing themselves as a brand. They are managed, have backup like security to ensure their safety and they have business managers who look for opportunities and help them chart a path to the future. Having backup or people who support what you do is useful. 

  • The Dynamics of Power and Control

Beneath all the moralization surrounding strippers, all a strip club performer is doing is running a business. Oftentimes, they are hands-on managers of their own brands. They are responsible for mostly everything from deciding on the kind of bar they want to work in, to the skimpy clothes they have to wear for work. 

Strippers are their own masters. Their success or failure depends entirely on what they do or don’t do. They will read you the minute you step into a club and devise a strategy to get your attention and keep you spending money until it is all dried up. This can be a valuable lesson in the business world. 

  • Have personal boundaries 

Strippers are people with families, boyfriends, and children. They may be friendly people but like everyone else, they have good and bad times. They have learned to leave their personal issues and emotions at the door and not drag their issues into the workspace and they don’t take their problems home either. 


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