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6 Reasons Why Your Central Valley Home Needs a Storage Locker

Decluttering your home has been the name of the game ever since Marie Kondo popularized the KonMari method to help people manage their “stuff”. While donating, recycling, or throwing away old items is a great way to free up space in your home, many of your belongings may be keepsakes, valuable collectibles, or heirlooms that aren’t necessarily used in your day-to-day routines, but you still want to keep.

A storage locker allows you to safely store your valuable belongings while also enjoying the decluttered home that Pinterest boards are made of. If any of the following 7 circumstances applies to you or your home, it may be time to invest in a storage locker.

1.   Overflowing Closets

An organized closet is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Unfortunately, if you have an affinity for shopping or a large family, your closets may be chaotic and overflowing instead of organized and color-coded. If you’re struggling to find some extra closet space, a storage locker is a  great solution for you. Instead of keeping your bulky winter coats and summer sundresses in the same closet year-round, opt to keep your off-season clothing in a storage locker and change them out every few months to keep your closet clean and decluttered.

2.   Packed Garage

Garages are notorious for acting as make-shift storage units for homeowners. While they can be useful for storing large boxes and equipment, if your car can no longer fit in your garage amongst the clutter, it may be time to invest in a storage locker. Renting a storage unit allows you to protect your valuables and avoid scraping ice off your windshield on those cold winter mornings.

3.   Remodeling or Renovating

Renovations can be a huge pain for homeowners and can require you to constantly move furniture and items to temporary locations around your house for the duration of the remodel. Renting a storage locker for a few months is an effective way to store your belongings while allowing the rest of your house to remain functional and organized so you can stay sane while your home is being upgraded.

4.   Major Life Transitions

Major life events such as moving in with a partner, losing a loved one, or starting a family can cause your home to overflow with new items very quickly. These time periods are already stressful enough as it is, so investing in a storage locker can help you minimize some of that stress. By placing your newly accumulated belongings in a storage unit, you can keep your home clean and decluttered and give yourself the time and space you need to sort through your things thoughtfully.

5.   Downsizing

Whether you’re transitioning into retirement, re-budgeting your income, or just looking for a smaller space, downsizing has become a popular trend for all homeowners looking to save money. While downsizing offers the perfect opportunity to purge your belongings, even the most unsentimental of people often have a difficult time making their lifetime accumulated items fit into their new home. Storage units allow you to save your extra furnishings so that you can switch them out when you need to or save them for your next move.

6.   Collectibles

People invest a ton of time and money into hunting down collectible items whether it be art, furniture, or baseball cards. No one wants to part with their hard-earned collection, but they can often take up quite a bit of valuable space in your home. To alleviate this clutter, pick your favorite pieces to keep in your home and place the rest in a storage unit to keep them well-preserved and safe while keeping your home clean and organized.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your belongings and a nicely organized home and now you don’t have to. Storage lockers can help you optimize your space while holding onto your keepsakes and collectibles. Storage Locker is the safest, most affordable, and genuinely convenient storage provider in Southern California. Call us today to discuss the best storage options for your home.

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