A Healthier Approach to Handling Your Addiction Relapse 

Relapse is a process. It is something continuous and internal. The person does not relapse due to objects, situations, or people outside himself, but due to feelings or emotions related to them, and that is manifested in the process of using alcohol or other drugs again after a period of abstinence. Relapse can occur in your life, no matter how long you’ve been sober. The first thing is to understand that difficulty in a process is normal and that the fundamental thing is to continue persevering and pursuing the objective. While it is true that it is a painful and sometimes dramatic event, it is important to try to prevent it and not let it get out of control. Seek help from professionals at a Rehab Alabama center to get you back on track.

The Process

The relapse process begins long before consuming alcohol or other drugs, some antecedents are:

  • Behavioral Changessuch as irascibility and increased frequency of anger or arguments
  • Changes in acquired patterns such as returning to friendships or dangerous situations,
  • Neglecting the recovery process
  • Indulging in compulsive behaviors in other areas such as smoking, eating, and drinking coffee
  • Attitude Changes such as difficulty feeling comfortable, greater negativity, complaints, fatigue, lack of energy, and general tiredness.
  • Changes of Emotions or Moods such as altered, unstable moods, habitual anger, overconfidence in yourself and your surroundings
  • Changes of Thoughts such as doubting those convictions that have allowed you to progress in recovery
  • Thinking that alcohol is not a problem, and that nothing will happen, if you indulge just for a day, or that those who help (therapists or colleagues) do it out of their interest.

The Natural Feelings

The first thing to point out is that it is natural to feel bad about going into a relapse. It is necessary to abandon positivism because of feeling as if it is not possible to sustain your sobriety. So let’s admit that at some point in the process, you are going to experience fear, anxiety, anger, anger, despair and the good news is that it is not all bad. It is simply part of the path that you must travel. Therefore, it is necessary to allow it and realize that it is only a part and not a whole.

How To Handle It

A healthier approach to addressing the issue would be to recognize that there is an issue. The moment you realize that you have entered into the relapse stage, it is time to redirect your thoughts and behavior. Do not spend time criticizing yourself or judge yourself. Take charge of the situation so you can return to the path of calm and assume what is happening to you. Try your best not to avoid the signs, or you will spiral back into addiction and compulsion.

Get Help

The second thing you should do is to ask for help. It is incredible how in such an anomalous and extraordinary situation our head is still capable of thinking that we have to know how to handle it and go through it without support. There are associations, rehab programs, volunteers, and professionals to provide you with the help you need. Take responsibility for your need and go for them. Go to to get more information.

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