Are convection microwaves worth it?

Are you looking for a new oven? You may have heard about convection microwaves and want to know if they’re worth it. A convection microwave comes with the same components as a regular microwave, but it’s usually more expensive.

It also has an air fryer feature that makes food crispy like in an air fryer oven! If this resembles appealing to you, keep reading because we’ll cover what a convection microwave is, how much they value, and whether or not they’re worth getting.

Preponderance houses will hold at least one microwave oven. However, many homeowners purchase newer models with convection features for the convenience of these microwaves’ speed and versatility. Is it worth going for the best built-in microwave convection oven? Or should we stick with basic microwaves instead?

Many homes with upgraded kitchen features will have a microwave convection oven. The innovation has been around for decades and became popular in the late 1990s when it adds to microwaves as an upgrade option.

Many are investing in a microwave/convection oven because they want the best of both worlds. Convenience is one thing that makes these appliances so appealing. You can cook dishes at any time without heating your whole kitchen or eating cold leftovers again!

The difference between convection microwaves and traditional microwaves is the way heat distributes inside of them. While a regular microwave heats food using radiation, convection microwaves use hot air to circulate food while cooking in a fixed position. This makes them great for heating, baking, and cooking food more quickly than a regular microwave.

Why choose a convection microwave over basic models?

Convection microwaves allow for a broader range of foods to be prepared than basic microwaves. They also cook foods more evenly, meaning that these microwaves can undergo many different cooking tasks.

What Is A Convection Microwave Oven? - Healthy Kitchen 101

Are convection microwaves worth the cost? 

If you regularly prepare better meals when cooked in the oven or on the stove, then it is worth the cost to purchase a convection microwave. This type of microwave will be able to reheat leftovers as well as new foods with ease.

You may also find that your basic microwave can not cook foods such as eggs and fish thoroughly without burning or drying out the food. You can use a convection microwave to prepare essential dishes such as popcorn, frozen dinners, vegetables, and many more.

Can we use a convection microwave as a regular one? 

Yes! Some microwaves come with special racks that you can adjust so foods may be baked or roasted in the microwave. These microwaves make it possible for you to brown meats on the tray’s grills before cooking them inside the microwave, so they retain juices and flavor. This is similar to how a range hood works by allowing air to circulate food before cooking to lock in moisture.

How does convection Built-in microwave oven work?

Convection microwaves utilize a fan-forced system to flow hot air around food while cooking. This feature is why these models are ideal for heating foods that are simple to prepare and those with liquid content. These microwaves can also use to defrost meats, vegetables, and pieces of bread quickly.

While a regular microwave heats using radiation waves, convection microwaves use circulated hot air to heat food. The warm air is passed towards the bottom of the microwave oven when it turns on. Then, it rises through the holes in your microwave’s ceiling multiple times before venting out through a bit of hole or vent at the top of most models.

Microwave ovens with convection features can heat foods quickly because they circulate hot air around food while cooking it with very little moisture loss. This allows more nutrients to stay locked into the cooked food than if it prepares using a regular microwave.

Convection microwaves use to heat food quickly and evenly, but the feature appears to help you prepare a broader range of dishes than basic microwave models.

What Can You Obtain From A Convection Microwave? 

Higher Cooking Capacity:

Get more out of your microwave with a convection oven. These microwaves heat up quickly and have more power than standard microwave models. They are great for heating, roasting, and baking all types of food so that you can spend more little time cooking!

Browned Food:

The rotating tray in your microwave causes hot air to circulate food, which helps brown meats when the oven uses for baking! Browning proteins in meat lock in moisture and flavor for a great-tasting meal.

Drying Food:

Use your convection microwave fan to dry wet items such as herbs or cheese. This feature will help lock in flavor without drying out leaves or other things that you may put inside the microwave.

Your convection microwave jumps to make cooking more accessible, but it can also save you time on busy days. These microwaves warm up quickly, so you can get dinner ready faster than ever before!

You can cook more foods in a convection microwave than regular models, making them perfect for those who love experimenting with new dishes. With a convection microwave oven, you can also heat leftovers or prepare fresh foods quickly and easily, so you have more time to spend on other activities!

Quickly Heating Food

Traditional microwaves use radiation waves to heat food. This feature means it takes longer to warm items in your microwave because the air around them has to be warm enough before the object itself is heated. Microwave ovens with convection features can heat food quickly because they circulate hot air through multiple passes inside the microwave until the food is fully cooked and warmed.

Cooking Many Types of Dishes

A convection microwave is an excellent addition to any kitchen because it allows you to prepare more dishes than other microwave models. You can cook meats, vegetables, desserts, and more in your convection microwave!


Convection microwaves come for baking as well as broiling. This means that you can bake all types of foods, including slices of bread, cookies, and cakes. Convection microwaves are also perfect for baking stuffed foods or those that one will serve on a plate!

Final Verdict

If you enjoy experimenting with new recipes, don’t mind spending a little extra time cooking meals, and want to prepare food like a pro in your kitchen. If you choose to purchase one of these microwaves, you must keep the manual handy and the original box the unit came in. This way, if you need to return it for repairs at some point, you will have all of the necessary information required.

While most convection microwave ovens are relatively hardy machines, if you take good care of yours, then they will last for years to come. When shopping for a convection microwave, it is essential to examine the dimensions of your current microwave before you purchase a new unit. You don’t need to obtain one that is excessively large or miniature for your existing space.

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