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Do I Need to Shut Off My Water During a Bathroom Remodel?


One of the greatest freedoms you have as a homeowner is the ability to make changes to your home whenever you want. Of course, this also means that you bear more responsibility than renters since there’s no landlord you can call when something goes wrong. Bathroom remodels are among the most common home improvements people make, and it’s for good reason. You use your bathroom multiple times a day, so it’s important for it to fit your style. An improvement as simple as switching outdated tiles for modern ones can make a big difference.

Naturally, you may have bigger plans for your bathroom remodel, such as replacing the tub, altering the layout, switching out leaky faucets for new ones, or even changing the light fixtures. You’ll just need to be sure the bathroom is prepared for the remodel process in order to safely build the bathroom of your dreams. A bathroom remodel and a kitchen remodel are two of the most popular ways to update your home and even increase your property value, and you should always make sure the electricity is cut to any fixtures you intend to replace. This goes for the water as well, since leaving it on will easily cause floods and other plumbing disasters.

Turning Off Your Water

Generally, you can simply switch water off at the source of the sink, toilet, or whatever you’re trying to switch out. You’ll find sink valves under the sink, and you can switch water off to the toilet from the valve where the plumbing meets the wall. It’s possible that you’ll need to use the main shut-off in your house if your project is extensive enough. The main valve will be located near the place water enters your home. This could place it near your front wall, in a mechanical room, or near your water heater.

If you do have to shut off the main valve, you may need to search for a “water delivery service near me” to fulfill your water needs while the remodel takes place. A water company can deliver 5-gallon bottles to your own home for affordable prices that offer great-tasting water in high enough quantities to suit your needs. Now that you know how to plan for a bathroom remodel, here are some of the best projects to consider.

Shower Conversions

One of the best reasons to bring in professional installers like this Texas bath remodel company is to change the layout of your bathroom or to make it more practical. While few things are more relaxing than a nice, hot tub bath, just finding the time to indulge can be difficult for busy homeowners. Removing the bathtub to build a shower instead gives you a more practical option, though this can take a lot of time, and it may hurt your resale value since home buyers expect to see a tub.

Perhaps a better option for your new bathroom is to simply add the required plumbing for a bathtub and shower combination. Contractors will need to open the wall to install the right plumbing for this renovation, but it generally saves time and isn’t too invasive.

Additional Storage

A bathroom can easily double as a storage location for your home, but it’s only possible if the layout supports it. Replacing a tub with a shower is a great start to free up space, and you can also add cabinets in your bathroom or replace existing counters with one that has more storage space beneath them. For example, adding a double vanity is a great option to both update your style and create more space.

Naturally, this just scratches the surface of the possibilities for a perfect bathroom remodel. Adding accessibility solutions, safety features, or installing luxury bath features are all excellent ways to increase your enjoyment of your home and your resale value while you’re at it.

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