Don’t let him down: why you need to throw a ripper bucks night

Your mate has entrusted you with organising the bucks. You may be thinking, “why me?” Or, you may be thinking, “no worries – I’ve got this covered”. Either way, your mate has given you a badge of honour, a recognition that you are the one who will bring the party and send him off to his wedding in absolutely style.

If your mate has gone so far as to ask you to organise it on his behalf then you already know he is serious about the night. Why? Because he wants something grand, and you know that he wants something grand because he doesn’t have the time to organise it himself. He’s planning a wedding, but if he wanted to have a few of the fellas round for beers and a barbie that wouldn’t have been too hard – the onus is on you to bring it!

So, why do you have to go to work on creating the ultimate sendoff? And why does your role far surpass that of the simple, “alright, I’ll just organise a shindig at mine” kind’ve thing?

Here are some reasons why you have to put on a ripper bucks:

It’s your besty’s big sendoff!

It’s your mate’s big party, and so he probably wants the best bucks night package going around. After all, he’s probably keenly aware of his life objectives once he’s married, and so you might be seeing a little less of him after the big day. This is normal, as you can’t expect someone to continue spending all weekend with someone when they’re starting a family!

And that’s why the night is such a big occasion. Your mate – and the fellas – are expecting something big. From the early activities: go-karts, paintballs etc. through to the bawdy entertainment to come at one of the city’s best strippers, you, the groom and the crew are all expecting something joyously memorable – no pressure, but you’ve got to put in the yards.

It’s a soon-to-be rare opportunity to party with your mate

We know how it goes: we get older and it becomes harder to see our mates. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s something that only makes the big occasions even more special! This is one of such occasions. This is the perfect opportunity to get the fellas together for a time of fun and joviality.

Sure, you might not see Jacko again until six months after the wedding itself, but it will be awesome having the opportunity to party with him like you did in the not-so-long ago days. Partying with the fellas becomes harder the older we get – make the most of it with this fantastic opportunity.

It’s a great opportunity to try something different

Harbour yacht cruise? Whiskey tasting? Some bawdily delightful entertainment at a legendary Sydney strippers? The bucks night is the best opportunity to try something you and the crew might not usually do. It’s a great way to have fun, new experiences before those opportunities become few and far between, ensuring you can add a new experience to your repertoire when you may have otherwise been doing the same old thing (a backyard barbie? Come on…).

These are the three reasons why you simply must throw an outstanding bucks night. These distinct opportunities are as rare as they are of great importance. You’ve been bestowed with the honour to make it a classic – we know you will make it a legendary evening!

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