Official remake of the hit web show Permanent Roommates

Telugu comedies have had a stable audience base in Telangana and neighboring states. While the industry brings in a good deal of original productions every year, Telugu remakes are equal hits. Telugu cinemas are consistent favorites among the regional audience. Though in the current times, Telugu web series and shows are getting way more engagements.

With the launch of sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoichoi, and AHA, viewership has increased ten-folds. These OTT platforms provide for a diverse variety of content across genres and languages. Netflix and Prime serve a global audience, while Hoichoi and AHA are regional platforms delivering local content. The Telugu audience is exposed to a vast collection of movies, series, and shows on AHA. OTT has made accessing online videos easy, and the reach is higher as a result of quick availability.

Remakes and dubbed-content demands are abundant in the state and get instant views. Streaming from the comfort of your house has a different charm to itself. With OTT platforms, this has become an achievable feat of Indian Webseries.

CommitMental – A witty remake!

Directed by PavanSadineni, CommitMental is a Telugu remake of The Viral Fever production, Permanent Roommates. The lead cast of the series includes PunarnaviBhupalam, UdbhavRaghunandan and VenkateshKakumanu. Representing the rich culture of Hyderabad, CommitMental is a perfect choice for a lazy day series-binging. It is a romantic-comedy that is currently streaming on AHA. The show is five episodes long with a dash of emotional elements to enhance the depth of the series. The art direction by Vinod and editing by Viplav create a riveting dimension and provide for a feel-good vibe. Pretty much similar to the Permanent Roommates, the humor content is slightly higher in CommitMental. A fresh and realistic take on relationships, CommitMental is all set to keep you glued to the screen.

AHA – Delivering quality entertainment

AHA is a leading Telugu entertainment portal that provides varying content with back-to-back releases. OTT platforms have transformed the audience world with multiple options and efficient services. AHA has been a new addition to the regional OTT market blowing up quicker than was expected.

Founded by Allu Aravind, AHA is a user-friendly app for streamers. It prioritizes consumer satisfaction and believes that no advertisement should disrupt the enjoyable experience of watching a movie. Users can stream free content or subscribe to view premium content. The subscription has a lot of advantages attached against a nominal fee.

OTT platforms are loved all over for the primary reason of them being a cost-efficient means of entertainment. At present, TV viewers have had a gradual shift to OTT platforms due to the easy availability of content. Another critical reason may be the access to tailor-made shows and Telugu movies available on these OTT sites. Whatever the reason, OTT portals are an absolute hit among users worldwide.

AHA, for instance, has become a refreshing break from restricted and time-based content viewing for the Telugu audience. With discount offers and new releases popping up for users on AHA, it is a real treat. Stream CommitMentalwebseries online on AHA and similar others right away!

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