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Everything you need to know about pond fountains 

The pond fountain adds the right amount of beauty and elegance to any pond. The sound of splashing and flowing water can make you feel at peace. Also, the pond fountain is essential to keep your pond clean healthy. Due to the aeration effects, the pond water gets clean.

If you own personal property, then the pond fountain can beautify your entire house. There are plenty of benefits of installing a pond fountain. Apart from the appearance, there are tons of uses it. There are excellent environmental uses of these pond fountains. If you want an exceptional pond foundation installation for the home, you need to pick the right one. Let us see what you need to consider when getting a pond fountain.

  1. The different types of pond fountains 

The two popular types are aeration fountains and decorative fountains. The decorative fountains are helpful to beautify the pond. The size of the decorative fountains mostly comes from 20 feet above the pond surface.

There are plenty of patterns, designs, and shapes available in decorative pond fountains. The fountains also provide an excellent aeration effect to the pond. The fountains with aeration effect can move gallons of water per minute. The aeration fountain is mostly in V-shapes. Choosing the aeration pond is ideal for keeping it clean.

  1. The depth, size, and shapes of pond fountains
  • Depth 

The depth is essential for any pond fountain. The aeration fountain is effective on pond water that is less than 6 feet deep. With this depth, the pond fountain can have proper water flow.

  • Shape 

The round shape is perfect if you are choosing an aeration pond fountain. If the shape of the fountain is irregular, then the aeration will not be that effective. The fountain should reach each place of the pond for aeration effects. If you are not choosing a pond fountain with aeration effects, you can pick any design. There are plenty of artistic and stylish pond fountains available.

  • Size 

The large ponds provide excellent horsepower for the fountain. The size of the pond determines the splashing, spraying, and flowing length of water.

The fountain should be at least half-width high than the pond. If the pond is large, then the water flow will also be huge. There are both big and small pond fountains available. It is your preference to choose the right size pond fountain.

  1. The power and performance of the pond fountain

If you are using a pond fountain only for aeration purposes, then the power required is 1.5 hp. Choosing a pond fountain is crucial to see excellent water flow. If you choose a decorative pond, then the more power required is less than one hp.

  1. The benefits of the pond fountain 
  • The pond fountain is useful to improve the quality of water. By using a pond fountain, you will not only get a breathtaking view but also clean water. The aeration waterfall can maintain the water quality of the pond.
  • The end fountain prevents algae growth in the pond. They expose the algae to the sun and stop their growth. This way, the way remains clean and fresh.
  • The pond fountain helps to oxygenate the pond water. As it reduces the gas in the pond, you can get rid of the entire odor.


You choose the best pond fountain when considering the above factors. You can decide the shape, size, design when thinks about the above features.

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