Everything You Need to Know about the Role of Videos in SEO

In the present era, the audience’s appetite for web content has changed a lot. As the internet has become accessible to the global audience, most people look for interesting content. Creative and informative videos on the website improve the traffic on a website.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in the case of SEO. You can consult with the companies for web design in Adelaide as the experts can give you a  clear idea of where to upload the videos on the website.

Here, you can go through the following points and how does video help SEO and understanding the role of video in SEO. Knowing the points, it will be easier for you to talk with the SEO experts too.

Videos can Guide the Audience

Videos can conveniently guide the audience. If you run a business digitally with the help of a website, a video can be the best way to put on a product demonstration. This way, most of your site audience can know about a product and gain interest in buying them. You can always request the experts in web design in Adelaide companies to make a particular vlog gallery for your site.

Videos Improve Dwell Time

The dwell time for the audience increases a lot due to the presence of videos on the website. This is a positive thing for SEO. High dwell time on the website helps the leading search engines like Google understand the videos’ content value.

The SERP rank of your website thus boosts up as your website gets proper authorization. Google can understand that your website is trustworthy and sends your website link to the top of the SERP.

Moreover, the bounce rate on your website decreases to the minimum if videos are present. This boosts up audience retention. However, the content of the video must be informative.

Better Listing Value on Google My Business

The GMB listing for any website improves due to videos, images, and excellent text content. Videos can give people the best visual information, and it is a crucial deal for SEO. The audience can easily get to know about the business and even share your videos on social media channels. This relates to backlinking, and you can get a clear outcome from it while having a website.

This is the primary thing that Google also counts when it comes to your website. However, to ensure the listings remain at the top of the GMB, you need to upload many videos on your website frequently.


Understanding the role of video in SEO is quite easy. The best you can do is to upload it in regular intervals. You can consult experts of web design in Adelaide about the best place where you can put the videos. All videos you upload on your website must relate to the products you sell. Moreover, it should always have a friendly approach.

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